Monday, May 13, 2013

Mom's Day times Two

This was my first Mother's Day with two kiddos! And it was surprisingly relaxing {good job to the Hubs for making that happen for me}!

Our weekend started on Thursday. Or should I say, our very BUSY weekend! It was pretty much non-stop every day, but it was fun! Thursday was Howard's 30th birthday, so there was that in itself! Early that morning was Emma's Kindergarten production of The Three Piggy Opera! So stinking cute! After that, we had some errands to run, then it was off to swim lessons. After those were over, we got changed up and headed on over to the Kanaskat-Palmer State Park. Luckily, it is literally around the corner from us, so we didn't have to travel too far! Howard's parents recently purchased a 40 ft. fifth wheel trailer, which I like to refer to as a  "Celebrity Status" trailer! They were there camping, er Glamping, for the weekend, so we stopped by to have dinner with them, and took a walk down to the river. The weather was absolutely perfect! Since Em had school the next day, we headed home and got ready for Friday...

The best we could get...!
Emma and her AMAZING Kindergarten Teacher!!

On Friday, Howard had both girls all day, while I was at a vendor event for Thirty-One. When I got home, we packed up all of our stuff for an overnight stay in the trailer! It was technically Em's first time camping, and it was a lot of fun! I forgot my camera, and our phones had zero service, so I didn't get any photos. :( But we have the memories!!

We stayed all day Saturday at the park camping, and got home around dinner time. We were all pretty tired at that point, so we all got cleaned up and went to bed fairly early that night...when I awoke on Sunday it was Mother's Day!

Emma and Howard made me coffee and breakfast, and I didn't have to change a diaper for awhile! WOOHOO! :)  Emma had made me a couple of presents at school, one of which is my new favorite necklace. It simply says MOM. And I love it!!
We had a pretty lazy afternoon, just all of us hanging out around the house. Later that evening we got some sitters for the girls, and Howard and I went to see the movie I have been dying to see for awhile -The Great Gatsby!
{A very special thank you to Kathy and Katie for watching the ladies last minute for us!!!!}
The movie was pretty good, but you know...the books are always better!

My afternoon view...
My new fave accessory!
Happy Mother's Day to me!
Over all, I would say that we had a pretty Ah-mazing weekend! The only thing that would have made it better, would have been to spend some time with my Mom...LOVE YOU!
But now it is back to our regularly scheduled programming. Otherwise known as Reality!

I hope your Mother's Day was Fabulous!