Monday, July 14, 2014

More Than Just A Conference

I just returned home yesterday, from Thirty-One Conference!
And let me be the first to tell you, that the experience was so much more than just a conference! 
Not only did I meet more amazing women, establish relationships, and learn a ton of information, but I have become truly inspired to do so much more with my life. And I think I have finally found out my reason, my purpose, for joining this amazing company...

Now I am not a very religious person. Which some might find odd, considering that Thirty-One's platform and business are based off of religion. Proverbs 31 to be exact. But after a very long day of sessions and classes this past Friday, I had what some might call a Revelation. 

I was literally overwhelmed with so many emotions that I started to think out loud to one of my closest friends. The one that let me crash her pad for about 5 days, and generously offered to be my own personal taxi service! I started babbling about feelings that I had never divulged to anyone else before. And at the end of that exhausting conversation, I finalized with this: I believe that God has set the blessing of Thirty-One in my lap, and my life, to find myself again. To believe in something higher and bigger than what I see around me. I now believe that I can find the strength to move out of Fear, and into Faith. I now believe that I truly have the power and wisdom at my disposal to stop being my own roadblock, and to quit being my own obstacle. 

I have realized what my five core values are: Integrity, Dependability, Independence, Honor and Growth.  I have begun to dig deeper into my true Why. Why am I with this company? What are my goals? What can I overcome? I realize now, that is about so much more than financial freedom. 
For me, it is about my family, finding my true self again, giving back and getting involved in my community. I have already begun with random acts of kindness.

 I have always thought that the power of giving can, and will, change your life. But after this experience, and all of the amazing words of wisdom that I have heard, I truly believe it and want to do what I can to help. One of the best quotes that I can recall from conference, was by Leigh Anne Tuohy: "The only time you should ever look down on someone, is when you are bending over to lend them a hand." If this is not the best thing you have heard in a long time, please just think about it. Think about what it really means. 

I have found new ways to better grow my business, and reach my goals. And I am slowly finding the confidence to do it. And a major realization that my dear, dear friend pointed out to me, is something that will forever change my way of thinking about MY business! I have been struggling with the feeling that this is not "my business" and that I am not an "entrepreneur". But I was given an incredible piece of advice: "Your business is not different than a franchise restaurant." And it's true! While Cindy Monroe may have created the business and it's ideals, I {and all the other consultants} are the ones who buy the franchise and make the company into what it is today! 

So while I have barely begun to scratch the surface on what I have learned, and how I will take action, what I have already told you is just the beginning! I have goals that I am hoping to reach, and with the support of my friends, family and Thirty-One sisterhood, I now truly believe that if I can Dream it, I can BE it! Thank you Thirty-One for giving me this knowledge!