Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wolf Den Images

I have been updating my Etsy shop lately.

Granted, a little slower than I would like, but I'm working' on it.
In fact, I have added a coupon code for those who might be in the market for a deal this Holiday season! Select any one of the Featured Images and receive a second image of your choice for 50% off {use code HOLIDAYS14 at checkout, available until January 1st, 2015}!

The great thing about my Etsy shop, is that there is no shipping involved. 
Just click, download and print! Pretty simple, don't ya think? 

With low prices and Holiday spirit, I think it's worth a look! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Girl Scouts, Thirty-One and BoxTops! Oh My!

I think that this has been the longest stretch of time that I have not posted!
The last couple of months have been pretty busy, but mostly I just haven't had much to say...
Not too exciting of an excuse, huh? Well sometimes honesty is boring!

So what have I been up to? Well mostly, Girl Scouts and Thirty-One. I have been working my business a lot more lately, and from doing so I was able to treat myself to a brand new iPhone 6! 

I didn't realize that by volunteering to become a Girl Scout Troop Leader, that I would be devoting so much time, energy and brain power! But it's fun, and more fulfilling than I thought it would be. 
We have taken the girls out on two day-trip outings, tried new snacks, planned our Taking Action Project, and have signed up for our communities Fire Engine Food Drive next month! We will also be  putting together a Food Drive ourselves sometime in the Spring, after cookie season. Which is coming upon us quickly! In fact, official 'Cookie Training' begins in early December. I can say this much about volunteering: it has been keeping me busy, and thinking outside of the box. 
And for that, I am Thankful!

Girl Scouts Mission
I have also been helping out Em's school with their BoxTops program. I volunteered to help sort and count the entire 4th grade! It has honestly been a lot easier than I expected, which is a bonus! The hardest part for me is figuring out the logistics of taking Haylee to the school to collect them...not the easiest task with her in tow!

Emma has started second grade and gymnastics! Which she is in love with! She takes to it so naturally, that I really do think she has found what she loves to do! I would like to see her climb the perverbial ladder to maybe someday compete. She has mentioned it in passing, but I don't think she quit understands the demands of that yet. Any why should she? She is only seven years old, after all!

Haylee turned TWO in September! Two years old! Where did that time go?! She is no longer  our baby, but now a toddler! And boy oh boy, does she do her job well! She keeps us on our toes, and keeps me busy all. day. long! But damn, is she cute!

On another note, I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is this week! Where did the Fall go?! But then again, bring on the Christmas tunes and the bright shinny lights! It just goes by so dang fast, I don't feel like I can catch up! 

I guess I didn't realize that trying to summarize the past four months would be so difficult! I suppose that just means that I need to step up and start writing more often!

I truly hope that you and yours have a very Blessed and Plentiful Thanksgiving!