Saturday, December 28, 2013

Merry Christmas!

This year our Christmas did not go exactly as planned, but it was still wonderful!

Poor Emma got sick that Monday morning with a high fever, and it held until Wednesday {Christmas Eve}. Then as we were literally about to walk out the door and head to our festivities for the night, she started vomiting. So we obviously did not end up going.

Luckily her fever went down a little bit, and she was decent for Christmas morning. She was such a trooper! The one year we didn't get her a flu shot {parent fail?}...
Needless to say, we will not be forgetting to do that, ever again!

This year was our year to host the holiday at our home, and it was a nice, cozy, all-day affair! Howard, the girls and I woke up at 6am and opened our presents, and Santa's of course! He then promptly left at 8am to ride with the Fire Department, and their Santa, to pass out presents and candy canes down the streets of our district! He loved it, and it was fun to watch him do it! 

Our families got to our house around 8:30, and unloaded their gifts. We ate breakfast together, and waited for Howard to come down our street. Once he got home, we started opening family gifts. Once that was behind us, we started dinner. 

It was definitely nice how it lasted all day long, rather than just finishing with the festivities quickly. I did not capture too many photos, since I was busy hosting, taking care of a sick kiddo, and chasing after a 15 month old! 
Yup, that's right! Haylee turned 15 months old on Christmas Day!

But here is a little of what I did manage to capture this Holiday Season:

We hope your Holiday was just as amazing!