Friday, April 18, 2014

Who Would Of Thought...

Ten years ago I would never have thought that I would be where I am today!
Which is totally a good thing, because I had never imagined this life. Never.

As a teenager I used to say that I would never have kids, and that I would only adopt.
I also used to say that I would always work outside of the home, and be totally independent.
HA! Boy did that change! Two children later, here I am, a stay-at-home-parent!

 The thought of being a home owner never crossed my mind. Let alone in the woods!
I also would have never pictured myself driving a minivan, making school lunches every night or leading my daughters Girl Scout Brownies troop...But here I am, and enjoying it! 
I never would have thought that I would be surrounded by kids all day, or that grocery shopping by myself would be a luxury! I never thought that a day at the zoo would be exhausting, or that my idea of a Friday night would be movie and popcorn at home!

But here I am, and enjoying it!
Seriously, who would of thought?!