Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy...

These past few months have most definitely been a whirlwind!
Granted, I may have overloaded my plate for this year, but I secretly enjoy staying busy.
While I wish that I could say I am staying busy with my social life, let's be honest...that is just downright laughable! Ha, ha!

Since the Summer has ended, and Fall is now upon us, Emma has started THIRD GRADE! 
Seriously, though...WHOA.
Haylee has turned THREE YEARS OLD!
We had to get Em ready for school, since third grade is apparently a huge leap from second grade!
That is no joke by the way. 
She has much more homework, their curriculum is much tougher, and everything seems to be a lot more intense. She was placed in the co-teaching class, with two teachers and 50 students, which I was very unsure about once I found out. But it has actually been very good for her! 
She has an extra set of eyes, and hands to help her, and she is benefitting from having two ways to have a topic explained to her. Two similar, yet different, approaches to each subject. 
Overall, we are loving her teachers and their communication with the parents!

Then we had Haylee's Dinosaur Birthday at the bouncy house place. 
Yup, our girl loves her some Dinos and bouncing! 
We also had a numerous amount of friends' kids birthday parties to attend, so that took up a lot of time during September.

So besides the girls and their overall busy-ness, I have taken over Em's Girl Scout troop as the main leader, and added five extra girls! That brings our troop to a total of 14 GIRLS!
Yup, 14. That makes us an official 'Super Troop', haha! 
Which means that we will get to earn extra money during Cookie Season, so that's cool!

Then there is the all consuming, never-ending task that I took on for Emma's school as their Box Tops Coordinator. Yup, you read that right...Box. Tops. Coordinator.
It is a lot of work. 

Including: advertising at the school, setting up contests, collecting from the school as often as I can, clipping, counting, sorting, mailing, and on and on!
HOWEVER, like I said before, I secretly enjoy it!
It definitely keeps me busy and always thinking.
In fact, I have come up with two new ideas that the school has never done before, so it will be kind of exciting to see how it all goes this year!
In case you were wondering, each Box Tops brings in .10 cents, which adds up pretty damn quick!

Also, with helping out the school as much as I can, I hope to be able to find some sort of para-educating role once Haylee starts Kindergarten...

So with all the school stuff, and Girl Scout stuff, and toddler stuff, and house stuff, I have been kind of M.I.A. the last month or so!
But once everything falls into it's place soon, hopefully I'll be around more!

The funniest part about all of this, is that everything I end up doing, brings in zero income!
It's all volunteer-based work, which is something I can honestly say that I would never have seen myself doing nine years ago!
But again, I enjoy doing it.
And I enjoy helping out where, and when, I can!