Thursday, September 13, 2012


I have read many articles and blogs on this topic, so I know that I am not alone in my thoughts. But still, I feel slightly guilty even thinking them::
Do I have what it takes, do I have enough love and patience, to raise two children?

I know I do. But with just a little over a week left until my induction date, this have been weighing heavily on my mind. Granted, I will not have two kids in diapers {thank Goodness!}, and Emma is going to be a huge help. But I remember that feeling I had instantly the moment she was born, and know that I will have it again with this one. But will I feel guilty when that happens? Probably not, which will make me feel guilty!
 Oh, how the wheel keeps turning!

It's strange for me to think that we only have a little over a week left with just our Emma. 
{No, I will NOT CRY!}
This is a good thing. A happy thing. An exciting thing! 
I just want to make 100% sure that I have the capacity to love both equally, and both as intensely. But see. That's where I get nervous - I can't be 100% positive, and I am such a planner, such an organizer, that not having control over feelings that deep and substantial, terrifies me. 

Now, I know that I'll get over this - give me a day or two to mull it over! But in the meantime, I have been thinking about Emma as a baby, and how fast the past 5 1/2 years have absolutely flown by! I love my extremely independent, incredibly smart, and beautiful little girl. But there are times when I look at her and miss the little helpless, needful infant that she used to be. But what parent doesn't do that from time to time? Right? Right! 

One month old
One of my all-time favorite photos!
About two years old
Five years old

For now, I am going to chalk this all up to my high levels of pregnancy hormones, since I still have that excuse to use!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Catching Up

And again, it's been apologizes!
There has been a lot going on around here lately. I had my Baby Shower, which my lovely mother hosted, and it turned out pretty freakin' Awesome {if I do say so myself}! 
It was a Mad Hatter Tea Party theme, and it took a lot to set it me, I helped and it was fun! The only unfortunate part, is that I was unable to take any photos. :( I have a phone pic of some treats, but it does not do them justice!

These were HANDMADE by my Godmother, Kathy, and her daughter Katie!

 I got some pretty amazing gifts, and can seriously not wait to put them ALL to good use!

Also, we have finally finished Haylee's room, and it's pretty cute! Just like Emma's baby room, it is in no way "Girly", just the way I like it! 
And while her room is by far the smallest in the house, I figure that by the time she's a teenager she will probably not be home enough to even notice! Ha! 

Then last weekend, my Sister-In-Law got married at my In-laws' house! 
It turned out really nice, and was a super-intimate, family-only type of thing. Emma was her Flower Girl, of course! And she looked ADORABLE in her fancy dress!

Throwing her Lavender in the air!
And in the biggest news of all:: Emma is now officially a Kindergartener!!!
I cannot believe this! When I start to think about it, I cannot imagine how the time {and years} flew by so fast...
After these next two weeks are over, time can SERIOUSLY slow down! 

This little lady really lucked out with her teacher and class room! Her teacher's name is Mrs. Riggs, and she calls her classroom "The Happiest Kindergarten on Earth"! Meaning, she is obsessed with all things Disney, and Disneyland: Perfect, because so is Em! 
Her first day was last Friday, the 7th. She goes back tomorrow, Mon-Thurs 9:10-11:55. And every other Friday from 9:10-2:10. On Friday, Howard took the day off from work and we dropped her off, and picked her up together. But starting tomorrow, I am going to cut my stings loose, and let her take the bus!!

I have had some serious reservations on this topic, but after speaking to various staff at the school, and seeing first-hand how they handle the whole bus/transportation system, it seems like a good choice for her. That is, if she likes it as much as she thinks she will after tomorrow! Especially since her bus stop is just at the end of our street! 

And last but not least, I only have TWO WEEKS left until we get to meet little Haylee! I cannot wait, for so many different reasons! And while I am sure two weeks will end up flying by, for me I am sure they will not fly by soon enough!