Tuesday, November 26, 2013


While I am not the first to jump into the coupon pool, 
I now understand how it can become addictive!

About six to nine months ago I decided to become a coupon-er. 
Now I'm not talking Extreme Coupon-ing status or anything, just enough to be able to feed my family and score some awesome deals on gifts, etc...
And let me tell you, when I look at my receipt and see how much I have saved in one shopping trip, it makes all the time I spend finding coupons well worth it!

So far, I have found deals for free food, extra gas rewards, and have become quite found of those Manufacturers coupons they print out for you at check-out! 
I know that this is not a new concept, 
but it sure does make ME feel good to save money for my little family!

And while my shopping trips have now turned into very long, sometimes stressful {because of the kiddos} expeditions, it is again worth it!

My Coupon-ing routine:
  • The day I am planning on shopping, I will plan out what it is I need the most and try my hardest to stick to the plan! 
  • I will then decide which stores I should go to. Depending on if they might have a sale going on that I know of or not.
  • I will then go to my trusty coupon apps {which I will list later} and "clip" the ones that I need. Some you have to print, some you don't.
  • After I find some new coupons, I will go through my previous coupons and organize the ones that I will be using for that particular shopping trip.
  • After I have printed the ones that need printing, I throw those in the mix with the ones from my coupon clutch, then I'm ready to go!

What I use for Coupon-ing:
  •  I organize my printed/clipped coupons in my coupon clutch, courtesy of Thirty-One
        ~ I have the pockets organized by Manufacturer, then by my most shopped stores.
           Then inside each pocket, I have the individual coupons sorted by expiration date 
{oldest to newest}.
Find this product HERE
  • For my printed coupons, I find them on the following apps and websites: 

  • The apps that I use are the following {please note that not all these apps have coupons. Some I use for their amazing deals and steals!}:
Fred Meyer
Cartwheel {by Target}
Hobby Lobby
Amazon Local

  • And a little trick that I have found, is that if you go to a companies Facebook page {i.e. Earth's Best} and 'Like' them, you have the option of receiving coupons from their page! I do this quite often now, as well.

With all of the ways to save these days, it's kind of hard for me to understand why people don't coupon! Actually, I do understand: it is very time consuming. But for me, it ends up to be well worth my time! I hope that you enjoy finding a good deal, just as much as I do! 
And if you have not heard of some of these sites and/or apps, I hope you check them out and realize how easy it is becoming to save money on everyday things!


Monday, November 18, 2013

Holiday Inspiration!

I have been completely engulfed in the Holiday Spirit this year!
Which is very exciting for me, since last year I feel off the wagon a little bit.
But this year, it will be different! It is different!
Yes...I have already broken into my Christmas music stash, and have started my holiday shopping a little earlier than usual.
And since this is our year to host Christmas at our house, I am into it more than ever!

Thank you to our dear ol' friend Pinterest, I have been extremely inspired with how to decorate! And since I am feeling giddy, like a little kid, I feel the need to share! 

From betweenyouandmeblog.com
From aestheticnest.com
From bringrestoration.blogspot.com
From bhg.com
From blogs.dizimatik.com
From yellowblissroad.com
Where do you get your inspiration from?!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The One About the Friends.

friend: noun: a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

There are so many types of 'friends'! 
You have your best friends, your acquaintances, your work friends, your mom friends, the friends who live far away but are never really gone, the friends you have had forever, the friends who you don't talk to for months but when you see them it doesn't feel like any time has passed at all, the friends whom we have drifted from, and the list goes on and on!

I have friends in each one of the above categories, and I am no doubt in these categories myself. And let me tell you, each and every one of these people are priceless!
I wouldn't trade any of them in for the world. Each and every individual has taught me something. Shown me something. Or has shared something with me along the way.

What exactly does it mean to be a Friend? 
For me, I think that it means: being fun, being a good listener, being able to be yourself, being loyal and forgiving, being encouraging, celebrating triumphs, supporting losses, being truthful, being supportive, being helpful and caring, being attentive and adaptable, being trustworthy, and most importantly...just being!

Regardless of what it may or may not be, we all need meaningful connections, and relationships, with other people.

While I try my best to help encourage, celebrate and support each person, I know that I have plenty of room for improvement in this department. I am nowhere near the perfect friend...but the true friends I do have, know this about me and love me anyways!

Which is kind of what I'm getting at here: Quality over Quantity. 
The people in my life are irreplaceable. They are my chosen Family.