Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Six Months Already?

Where did it go? A whole half of a year gone already {if time decided to slow down a little bit, I would not be upset at all}!

I am still in disbelief that our littlest Haylee Bug turned 6 months old yesterday! She has been having a rough week or two. Fighting off a cold, so her poor pretty eyes have been gooped up in the mornings. She has been a little more cranky than usual, not napping as well as she usually does and waking up once or twice at night. However, for the past two days she is starting to get into the swing of things ago! PHEW!

Our little Doll Baby!
 So yesterday she had her 6 month check-up. Here are her stats:
- 27 inches long, 90% for height!
- 17.04 pounds, 75% for weight!
Needless to say, the doc said that she is a pretty good size for her age! 

She is already so much bigger and taller than Emma ever was! We cannot believe that she is in the 90% for height! Crazy girl! And of course she had some vaccinations. Thank goodness Howard was able to go with to this appointment, because the shots are harder on me than the kiddos...So I make him take over for that part!

While little miss H is not rolling over from back to belly yet, the doc said that he is not concerned. After all, she tries like heck to sit up, and can roll to her sides, and from her belly to her back. We have been working with her for months now, on how to roll over and do exercises with her. And of course, the time she really wants to try is when she's getting her diaper changed! Stinker! We are truly convinced that since she hates her tummy time so much, that she just doesn't want to be on her tummy. EVER. I guess the girl already knows what she likes, and doesn't like!

She is loving her solids, especially her oatmeal cereal and fruits! But she does take after me in the veggie department: not so into the peas!

Recently we were visiting a friend who had their daughter's old Glow worm for Haylee to play with. She loved that thing! So much so, that I just had to get one for her! Granted, the new versions of the Glow worm's are not as cute as the old one...slightly creepy in fact. But she doesn't know the difference! But I must say, she really does love that little glowing face!

Lullabies and Snuggles

One of the things that Haylee loves more than anything, is when her big sissy Emma reads to her: it is possibly the cutest thing I have ever witnessed! It doesn't matter if she is upset, cranky or restless. The minute Emma opens up a book and starts telling the story, Haylee will calm down and just gaze at Em with her big blue eyes {which are starting to get a little more grey these days...} and start smiling!

Sisters that read together, stay together
Lately Haylee has found her feet, and is obsessed with those tootsies! She loves to play with them, and she tries like heck to get them in her mouth: not so successful with this task yet...but still adorable non-the-less!

Overall, we just cannot believe how fast time is going, and how big she is getting! Considering how small she started off as, at a mere 6lbs 9oz. Now she is a whopping 17lbs, 4oz! She is honestly one of the happiest, smiley-est babies I have ever seen! Now I know that I am biased, but it is so true! We love our little Bug more than words can describe! And before you know it, we will be celebrating her first birthday!

My two favorite Loves!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

A Goal Within Reach

OK folks. Now is the time. The time to help out and donate towards a very real goal, and a great cause! What is this great cause you ask? Well let me tell you about a little thing that is called the Seattle Brain Cancer Walk:

I participate in this each year, with my dear friends team entitled Heather's Crew. We walk for her and her family. And I walk for my Papa, who died from this disease 10 years ago this July {has it really been that long?}.
While it is a simple walk, and not very physically challenging, it raises a lot of money each year through it's sponsors and the organized teams.

Most teams have a Patient/Survivor, and they get to wear a neon green shirt so that they are recognized in the crowd. And at the end of the walk there is ceremony of sorts. One in which they recognize the most money raised, new advances on drugs, treatments, facilities, etc...The best part is when they call up all of the Patient/Survivors to the stage. {*TEAR*} This is the best part, but also the most emotional.

It shows you that this disease does not discriminate. I have seen children, men, women, older folks, teenagers, you name it, up on that stage. To celebrate their journey's, their accomplishments, and most importantly their courage, is the most humbling thing I have truly every witnessed.

To say that this is a cause deep, and near to my heart, is putting it lightly. So this year, I have decided to start fundraising for Heather's Crew early on. The walk is not until September, but it is never too early to rally the troops, sort-to-speak!

This is a simple fundraiser. But an effective one, considering that each and every penny helps! Here are the details: 

You have a chance of winning FREE Thirty-One products and supporting a great cause! The more squares you purchase, the better your chance at winning! Squares may be purchased via Paypal, from me.

Depending on the number of squares purchased, a winner will be randomly selected for FREE product.

* If all 100 squares are purchased, a winner will be randomly selected for:
$200 in FREE product to spend in March 2013
* If 60 squares are purchased, a winner will be randomly selected for:
$100 in FREE product to spend in March 2013
* If 50 squares are purchased, a winner will be randomly selected for:
$50 in free product to spend in March 2013

PLEASE help me to spread the word, and DONATE HERE to help me to reach this goal!!
Forward this post, share the links, and let's get the word out!!
Thank you all so much for your continued support towards this cause!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Happies and Crappies

This seems like a great way to sum up the weeks end - Happies and Crappies!
The good and the bad. The happy and sad.
{I saw this on A Sorta Fairytale, who got it from The Vintage Modern Wife}.


* Our week started off with us getting back our biggest, and best, tax return ever!

* Immediately with over half of that return, we paid off a bunch of lingering debt, and all of our medical bills!! Woohoo! This makes me very happy!

* This week has been pretty relaxed. Since I am getting over a week-long cold, the girls and I have just been hanging out at home. Yay for relaxing and taking it easy!

* Except for earlier this week when my mom, the girls and I made a little day trip out to Lynwood to meander around Hobby Lobby! This was my first time there, and it's pretty awesome, I must say! 

* I bought tickets to see Crystal Bowersox at the Triple Door in Seattle for next month!!! I am so freaking excited! For a couple reasons: concerts are totally my thing, and I love her! 
In fact, I have met her before!! Read all about it HERE

* Haylee got to eat in her highchair for the very first time! She is still pretty small for it, but she's just so stinkin' cute in it! Oh, and she loves her some apples! 

My happy apple eater!


* I think that both girls are fighting the nasty cold I had last week. Haylee has been super cranky, and not napping very well. And she has decided to wake up once during the night. She has not done this for months! But they haven't had any fevers or anything, just lethargic and cranky...blah! 

* I have been trying like heck to sell some stuff online, but no bites. Yet. Hopefully soon enough we can get rid of this extra stuff we don't need anymore, and can get a little extra $$ for it...

Now link up HERE! It's fun!

The Vintage Modern Wife: 
Happies and Crappies Link Up

Thursday, March 14, 2013


For those of you who follow me through Google Reader, please know that starting in July it will be no longer. Instead, please follow me on Bloglovin'! Their site is very user friendly, and now I am able to find many more blogs to follow!
So please, find me HERE and click on follow!
Thank you all!
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Current Fixations

Whether you prefer to call them "fixations", "fetishes" or "obsessions", you know you have some! Come on, admit it - it's OK! In fact, to prove that it's OK, I will share some of my most current obsessions with you all!
Believe it or not, my children are not the only things I have to talk about!

* First off, my very good friend {you know who you are!} introduced me to this amazingly addictive show called 'Friday Night Lights.' It is no longer on t.v., so thank goodness for Netflix and sleepless nights!

I can't exactly pinpoint why it's so addicting, but what I can tell you is this: it is based off of a book, which is based off of a true story. A small Texas town and it's high school football team. Not to mention, quit a few of the characters are extremely good looking!
The story line is really good, and the music is pretty awesome too. You should check it out!

* Next in my lineup, my new favorite band Imagine Dragons.

Something about their sound has officially captivated me. Well, they actually captivated me before their album was released, but that's besides the point...I have always had this knack for liking loving bands, musicians, artists, etc., before they make it big. I am still not sure how, but it's something I have always managed to do. Maybe I should  be a talent scout! Ha! But seriously, this band is so good. The beat, the lyrics. You should listen.
I don't think you'll be disappointed.

* While this store is not the newest thing around, I just recently was able to check it out for the first time. And now I know why people love it so much: Hobby Lobby is pretty amazing!

In fact, I am pretty darn excited for the new location to open in Federal Way this month!! I have this feeling I will be frequenting them quit often. :) I am not crafty at all, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate those who are, or all of their amazing home decor! And every once in awhile I get a wild hair to do something...a little Inspiration never hurt no one!

*And have you heard of Groopdealz?!

I have this little problem with checking their site on a daily basis for the newest deal! They sell a little bit of everything, at amazing prices! Super cute jewelry and accessories, all the way to home decor. Plus sometimes they offer FREE shipping!

* This has easily become my favorite movie. Ever. Hands down, no question:
Les Miserables.

I have honestly never felt such emotion, or felt so connected to a movie in my life. I can't even find the words to describe it! All I can tell you is to watch it. Feel it, and believe it. Because trust me. It is very powerful.

* This is compulsion at it's best: Scentsy.

I am not a compulsive shopper. In fact, I am quit the opposite! But recently I have bought a few things from this company, after mulling it over for a long time! But I finally decided to say Why Not! And I am enjoying my purchases! They smell SO good!

* This t.v. show my friends, is all the hype right now. And no, I do not like it because it is popular. I like it because, well, I just do! And I can't even figure out why! I hate zombies, and all things apocalyptic. But this has totally sucked me in!
Yup, I am talking about The Walking Dead!

I know a ton of people who watch this, and talk about it ALL. THE. TIME. And why not? I guess zombies are the new best thing?! For those of you who watch, I actually liked Lori! She was one of my favorites!! :) 

* Now last but certainly not least, I have to do a shameless plug for Thirty-One

 I know that there are a lot of you out there who could care a less about this, but it has become my way of earning extra money for my family. For those of you who have helped me and supported me in this venture: I Thank You so, so much!! And for those of you who still do not know what I am talking about, check out my website HERE

These are my most current obsessions! What are yours?!