Thursday, April 28, 2016


So this past week something completely unexpected happened.

I received an email from VIDA
 "...VIDA's story is that of the rich, interconnected world we live in -- the story of contemporary life and mindful, global citizenship. We are a global partnership of co-creators, from a designer in Paris, to a producer in Karachi, and a consumer in San Francisco."

Simply put, VIDA invites artists from all over the world, to become designers and design completely original scarves and tops inspired from the artists' very own artwork.
Any form of art, from painting, to drawing to photography. Anything that can be digitally transferred, can be used to design these high-quality products. 

They invited me to become a designer, and design my own scarves and tops created from my very own photography! 
To be honest, I was hesitant at first. 
So I looked into it. And it's legit! 

I began playing around, and started creating some products with my photos. 
And it was a ton of fun! 
It has taken my visions to a different level, that I would never have thought of myself!

And the best part about VIDA, is that they use part of their proceeds from the sales of the products, to create literacy programs for the makers. 
With these programs, the makers have opportunities to learn basic reading, writing and math skills, that they would otherwise not have access to. 
So by purchasing from my VIDA Collection, you not only support my art, but you are also helping makers across the world! 
How incredibly cool is that?! 

Here are a few examples of what I have created so far:

 I am THRILLED to share my collection with all of you!
Check it out HERE, and enjoy these coupon codes!

 Until the end of the month, there is a Fashion Portfolio Event.
Use the codes below at checkout to save:
$15 off $75 {with code Fashion15}
$150 off $450 {with code Fashion150}
Thank you for supporting my art, and the makers all over the world!
And thank you VIDA for introducing me to your incredible company, and it's amazing new platform for artists everywhere! 


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