Monday, December 20, 2010

Mother Natures Housewarming Gift

This past Saturday Howard & I were supposed throw our very first Holiday Party in our new home - a Snuggie Party. Great idea, right? Well that was why we were so excited to host it! But apparently Mother Nature had other plans for us this past weekend...
Friday night brought us 70 mph+ winds at our house, which we knew would lead to a power outage. Since we figured it would come back on within the day, we didn't think it would be a big deal. But oh man! Were we in for a surprise when we woke up on Saturday!
Not only did we not have power, but it was snowing!!The weather head (attached to our house) had ripped off of our house, and the line was laying across the top of my car. This was caused by two of the neighbors trees falling down, and pulling the lines down with them. Between the trees, and the wind, our streets lines were torn down. However, our driveway held the worst carnage!
The telephone poll in our driveway split in half, which caused the transformer to fall, and pull down the remaining lines. Also, the neighbor behind us had a tree fall over our fence on the top of our property. Mother Nature obviously decided that our property was the one that should be blessed with these events!

Our street

Our driveway

In the midst of all of this, our water (which is on a community well) stopped working. Luckily Emma was already staying with my Mom & Kathy at their new place, but I needed to get there! I didn't feel like being stranded in a freezing cold house, so Kathy was so kind to come pick me up, and let Emma and I stay the night at her place! Thank goodness for the kindness of others! Howard on the other hand, felt like getting his "Hillbilly" on and decided to stay behind and help out.
PSE worked all night, and got our power running around 5am on Sunday morning. Our water came back around noon on Sunday, so now all we have to wait on is our cable to be hooked back up tomorrow afternoon. We are also obviously on the hunt for a killer generator!
So needless to say, our Holiday Party never happened! However, Mother Nature decided to give us one HELL of a housewarming gift! 


  1. So sad! Glad you all are okay and that things are getting put back together.
    I'll have to make a run to your place sometime after the holiday's and check out your new digs.

  2. Goodness! Sounds like our first winter we had at our old place, but I had just brought Hannah home from the hospital the night it all happened! We made it through because of a "KILLER" generator. I think that is a great idea when you live out in the woods. Odds are you'll need it almost every year! I'm glad you are all okay!