Friday, January 21, 2011

Cause for a Celebration!

Where to begin? Let me start with this:: CONGRATULATIONS to one of my life-long, best friends, Lindsay! Her and her amazing Hubby welcomed their first beautiful daughter into the world last night! She is perfectly precious in every way, and her name is Chelsea. I cannot wait to get to know her and watch her grow! The craziest thing about her being born yesterday is that between Lins, our good friend Mandy, and myself (all of whom have been friends since before high school), is that we have all had January babies! Who all happen to be EXACTLY six days apart from each other! Emma was born on the 14th, Chelsea born on the 20th, and Bennet (who turns ONE next week) was born on the 26th! Kind of strange, right? But pretty amazing how things work out! Needless to say, January babies are the BEST! 
Not to mention, one of my cousins had her first baby - Dani Rae - a few short weeks ago (we will be visiting and meeting this little Beauty this weekend)! I also have yet another cousin who will be welcoming her second daughter - Lennon Willow - into the world next month!
On yet another Joyous note, yesterday we found out that my Mother-In-Law is officially in remission from breast cancer! WOOHOO, and Thank you God!
Between family members and the numerous amount of my friends that are pregnant, it is starting to get hard to keep track of them all! I have recently had someone ask me what our plans are for another one...and all I could tell them was that if it is meant to happen, God will make it so...
All of these occasions call for a celebration!


  1. YAHOO!!! Yay for Lindsay, Reid and baby Chelsea! I'm so excited to watch all of our little ones grow up to be good friends! And I LOVE that we all had January babies. I think that's really special, actually. :)
    And amazing news about your Mother-in-law! 2011 is shaping up to be a good year! *loves*

  2. That is funny that you all have January babies. I want to see a photo! Congrats to Lindsay and her new little family!

  3. Yay all around! Lots O good things goin' down!