Monday, February 7, 2011

Tattoo & A Vote

Before Emma was born, I was getting one tattoo per year, but my yearly tradition obviously came to screeching halt once she was born. So you can imagine my excitement when yesterday I was finally able to get my sixth tattoo! It has been four years since my last one...which is too long for me!

I choose to get fanning peacock feathers on the inside of my right calf. I love having them on my legs (although it is painful to walk during the healing process!) because it is honestly the only part of my body that I don't mind showing! Not to mention, I can actually see them myself! I have two on my back, and don't get to see those very often...
Now the reason I choose peacock feathers, is because #1 - they remind me of my Dad. This is my memorial to him. He had a pet peacock named Stanley, and he used to lay be the fire like a dog, and sleep in their house just like any other house pet! And #2- they are one of my favorite animals and they are breathtakingly beautiful.
I also choose to have the colors more brown and gold, as opposed to the traditional greens and blues (which I love!), because they are not like all the other ones you is unique in its own way. In my opinion!
My cousin Lindsey's boyfriend Tony did this fantastic work of art! If you, or any one you know, wants some new ink keep him mind! He does GREAT work and is pretty fast!
On to another note:: this morning I checked my email, and saw a message from this photo contest I had entered Emma into last week. They said that her photo has been chosen as one of this weeks favorites! If she wins this week, she will go on to next weeks, etc..until the month is over. And if she wins it all, she gets a lot of money! So if you could PLEASE take a quick second and click on this link and vote for her photo, it would be most appreciated! I don't usually do these types of things, but I thought I would give it a shot!
So PLEASE, PLEASE vote for our girl! Thank you!

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