Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Doing the Happy Dance!

It's here! It's here! My camera has arrived {as of yesterday}! And ever since it appeared on my doorstep, I cannot seem to put it down! I can't stop playing with it to see what it can do, or what I can do. Which obviously isn't much at this point!
My hopes and dreams are that I am able to catch on to this so naturally, that I am like a fish in water! But we shall see...
In the meantime, I have joined an online photography community, and I figured that maybe if I join in a few photo challenges that are swimming all over the net, that maybe it will help me. Even if only a little bit. I don't see how it could hurt!
Well I'm off to continue playing with my new toy!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Good for you! Can't wait to see what photos you soon share!

    I'm researching a new Digital SLR myself; want something that performs as well as my old workhorse Nikon F3 35mm that I still prefer using over my current digital camera.

    Have fun!


  2. Glad you finally got your new toy. I look forward to seeing what you photograph!

  3. So excited for you, but you already know this!! You will be amazing at this, I know it!!! Love you dearly!