Sunday, March 27, 2011

Has Anyone Seen the Time?

This past week completely slid through my hands. Where did it go? If you find it, can you please let it know that I have been looking for it, and would like it back? Thanks!
As much as I love being busy and getting things done, over with, and taken care of, sometimes it just exhausts me! The past week left me no time, really, to enter any of the weeks photo challenges that I had in mind...ARGH! So I am hoping that this week, though still jammed packed with busy goodness, I will be able to set aside a few hours a day {preferably not during the night} to find some inspiration. Wish me luck? OK, you don't have to - just a passing thought! 
In another thought:: I had one of my most favorite families of all time come visit me this weekend - The Bechens! I had not seen them for quit awhile, and it felt good to have some adults our age to hang with! It is a four hour trek from one house to the other, so I know it's not always the funnest drive. Especially since they have two beautiful kids of their own! I have made the trek their way a few times with Em, and it makes for a LONG day! But well worth the visit! We were able to take advantage of the few hours of SUNLIGHT that we had, and headed outside! 

I am not sure how people have 3 or more kids...They are all-over-the-place exhausting! Fun and adorable, but exhausting! 
P.S. ~ I am hoping to make at least ONE photo challenge either today or tomorrow. We shall see!


  1. Yay!! I loved visting with you!! We had such a great time! And you are right, having three kids would be WAY TOO much for me, but we didnt just have three we had FOUR little P! (who is the sweetest little darling ever) I can't wait to do it again! Love you

  2. Looks like a great time! It's so strange to me to see you guys with kids. I still picture us all in middle school. Although you guys make beautiful babies for sure. Keep them coming!

  3. How adorable they are! And, I'm sure, worth all the exhaustion of trying to keep up.