Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Last week, my kid had croup. This weekend, she got a double ear infection. And yesterday, I caught {quit possibly} the worst cold ever! How about a day without sickness in our household? That would be ideal! 
The thing that bites, most of all, is the mere fact that Mama's do NOT {ever} get a sick day! We cannot call the Boss and say we're sick, then sleep all day. NOT AN OPTION.
So I, like many other mothers I know, do my absolute best to not do anything. In hopes of feeling better. Meaning; the laundry is backed up, my kid is running around naked because I don't feel like getting her dressed, my house is {in my opinion} a mess, and I am planning on staying in my pajama's ALL. DAY. LONG! Now if only I could taste my coffee...
Even though my messy house and dirty laundry are bugging me {so much more than you could imagine!}, I literally do not have the energy to stand up long enough to deal with any of it! 
At least the body aches went away over night...that's a BONUS! 
You know how most men whine and complain when they're sick? Well this time it's MY turn! I never do, and kinda feel like I have earned the right this time around! Well, I won't actually whine, but I will probably complain {he, he}! And why you ask? Well, because simply put - four years without a sick day has earned me the right. For at least 24 hours! 


  1. when my 1st was about 10 months old ... I got a bad cold, just wanted to stay in bed etc. ... I never forget that day, coming to the realization for the 1st time that I will never be able to fully crawl in bed & recover when feelin like rump ... 7 years later & 3 kids ... I have NEVER had a day of rest with the exception of delivering babies & have a recovery day @ the hospital ... sad, very sad how much I looked forward to my last delivery & hospital stay LOL * * hope u feel better soon mama * *

  2. Oooh boo!! I'm sorry you are sick! Hope you start feeling better soon!

  3. I hope you feel better soon! Wow, double ear infections are the worst when kids get them. It's been a rough sickness season for too many people; colds that keep re-surfacing, tummy flu, yuck!

    Stay in those jammies, don't give up possession of the remote and...relax!


  4. Poor you, I know how you feel and I agree, we moms could use a sick day! I wish I lived closer I would take Em and let you sleep!

  5. Being sick blows. Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Poor thing! I can't have a sick day either because my dogs will drive me nuts...that's why I still go to work when I'm sick!

  7. Being a sick mom would have to be really tough! I'm sorry you arent feeling well :(