Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Weekend

While I am not at my house today, I do not have access to my photos from this {not-so-pretty} weekend. FAIL! But I can at least tell you about it!

The hubs, kiddo and I stumbled upon the beautiful Mud Mountain Dam and Park. It's a huge park with three separate play areas, and a wadding pool with a fountain for the kids to play in - once the sun actually shows it's face! We had a picnic lunch, and took the small 2/3 of a mile hike down to the Dam view point, and back up. It was a nice family afternoon! To sum up our three day weekend, the three of us just spent time together and hung out as a family. That's about it! Nothing too exciting to the outside world, but for us the time we are able to spend all together does not come around too often! So we take it whenever we can!

But above all that, we would not be able to enjoy any time together at all if it were not for our Military, it's troops, and their families.
Isn't that what this long weekend was about, after all?

I was not raised in a Military family, although I have had family members and friends who have served. And I know of quit a few active troops. Some of which are overseas at this very moment.
There are not enough words to describe the Gratitude I feel for everything these people do for us! Not to mention their families - whom I believe do not get enough credit. They serve and protect just as much as their family members do!

I too, know quit a few Military Wives and have told them face-to-face, that I am not strong enough to do what they do day in and day out. These women and men are the strongest people I know! And for their support and courage, I Thank them!

And to all of those who are serving, those who have in the past, and those we have lost, I THANK YOU. For everything you do, and everything you have done.
Without you, I would not have my Freedom.

Much Love

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  1. I am so glad you guys got out of the house! Sometimes its nice to have some clean fresh air from the woods. I wish we were closer because we would have joined you :) You are right being a member or the spouse of a member is NOT easy but with friends like you, it makes it that much easier :) I heart you!