Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yay for New York!

I feel the need to write a post about this, because it's all about the LOVE!
Last night, New York became the sixth, and largest state, to legalize gay marriage! And above that, same-sex couples can marry as early as the end of this July!
When I heard this news last night, I actually teared up a little bit, and felt...relieved. Same-sex partnerships are FINALLY getting the recognition and equality that they deserve! Woohoo!

Read about it HERE

 In fact, this weekend I will be attending my first Seattle Pride Parade! And tonight, I will be attending a concert in Seattle that contributes all proceeds to the cause! I am pretty excited about fact, I can't wait go! 
There are so many organizations out there that advocate equality. Which is sad, if you think about it. Why does there HAVE to be organizations for such things? That is why I was relieved last night...I feel as if we are headed down the right track.  

Two of the many organizations that I have joined, include:

Attached to SO&P, is esurance who is sponsoring the Parade this year. And if you simply LIKE esurance on Facebook, they will donate $10.00 to The Trevor Project! Does it get any easier than that?!

Now I am not ignorant, and I know that there will be people reading this who strongly disagree with this subject as a whole. Not to mention this huge step in American history. So I ask you graciously, if you are one of those people, could you please not comment at all? This is not to be confused with the notion that I do not want to hear your opinion, because I actually do. But please, just this once keep this in mind...
So to sum it all up, I am so proud of New York, and the six other states that have broken down the barrier! I just HOPE that Washington is soon to follow!


  1. I'm with you! Go NY! I hope it spreads across the country someday soon.

  2. I am so proud of New York, I am so proud that they took a stand for equal rights for EVERYONE! This makes me so hopeful that soon all of the last states will follow. (Washington that means you!) I am helping out at the Mid-Columbia Gay Pride event and I am so thrilled to be a part of it! I pray that one day everyone will have equal rights. GREAT post!!!!!

  3. That is awesome news!!!