Friday, December 2, 2011

The Reprieve

I have been so bad about keeping this thing updated! My apologies!

I can start this post out, by saying Happy Holidays!
My absolute favorite time of the year!

And as you know, I had my first photography meetup last weekend. Then this past week, Howard and I took a few days away for ourselves and just the two of us headed over to Longbeach, and Astoria, OR. The weather was so nice! The sun made an appearance the whole time, with blue skies! Even though it was bitterly cold, we had a really good, much needed, little reprieve from reality! Emma stayed with his parents, and did great {thank goodness}!
Below you will find some photos that I took during our trip:

View from atop the Astoria Column
Longbeach, WA - The Pacific Ocean
Door at Battery Henry Ford, Cape Disappointment

Tonight we are headed out to see the Ivar's Clam Lights and Christmas ships at Coulon Beach! It is going to be freezing, but it will be fun! Keep an eye out for photos...!

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