Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Off The Grid

Yup. That has been me lately. Off the grid.

I somehow have seemed to take a break from blogging and photography! Why? I am not completely sure. Although I have this sneaky suspicion that it may have something to do with being 6 months pregnant. I'm just saying...

A lot has been happening around here! Trying to prepare, keeping up with Emma, events, summer and life in general. Now, I am not as busy as I am during the school year, however, I am one of those women who gets the "blessing" of experiencing every pregnancy symptom! And usually all at once! So with that being said, my body fights me on a daily basis which leads to some long days! 

There are so many exciting things happening in the coming months, that I cannot help but look ahead! I have quite a few friends who are also pregnant right now, and this alone is exciting! Also, Emma had her very first dance recital at the end of June - so CUTE!
And she starts KINDERGARTEN in September! That is just TWO MONTHS away! I know I am going to be that mom that cries like a baby on her first day...I am sentimental fool!

For many of you who know me well, I am quite possibly the worlds most impatient person! Which, as you can imagine, makes these last 3 months unbearable! October sounds {and seems} so far away to me, but I know that realistically it is not. Sometimes, it feels like this process is never going to end! But, I have a very good reason for feeling this way...most women find out they are pregnant around 8 weeks or so. But nope. No me! I found out at 3 WEEKS! Which makes the whole process, and the waiting, that much longer!!
 My mind is playing time tricks on me! 

But to end this note, here are a few recent photos which may help to explain what we have been up to lately::

In the "Muddy Woods" with Howard

Girls will be Girls! 
Getting her Katniss, er, Brave on!
Cheesin' it up, as usual...
Miserably HOT, while the kid plays at the park...

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