Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Down to the Wire!

We had an appointment with my doctor yesterday and were finally able to discuss everything with her. Only after an ultrasound and a NST {non-stress test}.
Luckily everything is looking good so far! 

It turns out that I most definitely have to go in 2xweek, every single week for the next 8 weeks. Every week I have to have a NST, and an ultrasound. So the staff will get to know me well! Ha, ha!
Yup, only 8 more weeks! We found out that I will be going in to be induced at exactly 37 weeks. Why 37 weeks? Well studies show that babies born after then have a higher chance of death - not good. 
So that leaves us with only 8 weeks to go! Single digits! 
So what does that equal out the date to be?  
September 24th. Well, that will be when I go to the hospital. 
Whether or not she is born that day, who knows?! 
All I know is that this is going to be a completely different experience than what I went through with Emma. Her birth was so easy! I am hoping this one will be, as well.

We were also able to chat with her about the {very expensive} medication that was prescribed. She mentioned how it is beneficial not only to me for my symptoms, but also for the baby. As soon as that was said, we knew we had to scrape up the pennies to make it happen. So we did. I went and bought it last night. OUCH! 
But hopefully it helps...we shall see.

So with only two months left to go, we REALLY need to get working on her room! 
We haven't even started! Ahh!


  1. Glad to hear baby is doing well!! So sorry you have to make so many trips to the OB, but it's for the best!! And the upside? You know when she will here!!! No guessing games, that's kinda cool, right? And don't worry about her room... all she needs is a place to sleep, milk, diapers and lots of love :) Easton's room STILL isn't done (and he's never even been in there) and he's 4 months old. We are totally slackers. lol

  2. All will be well my friend. Hang in there and don't stress about the room. I'm sure baby will sleep with you for a little while. Just take care of yourself and relax as much as you can.

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