Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happenings As Of Late:

Let me begin with Haylee's two month check-up! It went good...well, except for the vaccination part. I forgot how hard it is to go through as a parent! I told myself, "Oh, I've done this before..I'm good. I'm good." But I wasn't! I cried. Admittingly!
As of last week {her appt}, she now weighs in at 10.08 lbs, and is 22 in long. Just like Em, she is a petite little thing. Clocking in at 25% for both height and weight. But perfectly healthy and happy! Now keep in mind - she was three weeks early, and only weighed 6 lbs 9oz at birth! So in comparison, she is growing like a weed! Must be the formula! :)

I am in so much Love with this grin!

Next on my list, Thanksgiving: it will definitely be one that I will not soon forget. Long story short, that night I ended up having to go the Covington E.R. {which is really nice, by the way} for what ended up to be a gallbladder attack. Let me just say, I am not one to quickly go the doctor or hospital on a whim. So for me to head to the E.R. should clue you in on the pain I was feeling....
Today, actually, I will be meeting with a surgeon to discuss how quickly I need to get it removed. Needless to say, I am not looking forward to having surgery. Especially with two littles at home to take care of. This should be interesting! I have had about thirty people tell me that they had their gallbladder removed, and that the recovery is only about 2-3 days. Phew! That's a relief to hear!

Hello, and Good Morning!

Also, I recently found out that my Best Friend is moving back home from Wyoming! I could not be more excited about that! Let's just say that there are days when I could use a good friend around! Not to mention our kiddos will be thrilled to see each other!!

And now I have to mention my new business venture! It kind of fell into my lap, and couldn't pass up the opportunity. I recently became an Independent Consultant for a company called Thirty-One. It is a faith-based company, all about helping and supporting strong, independent women! They even have a line of products called Thirty-One Gives, where each purchase donates a portion to a charity that empowers women and girls! Right On!
And in case you are wondering what this company sells, it has a little bit of everything! 
From stationary and bags, to totes, purses and bins, to accessories and wallets, nail files and makeup bags! All of which can {mostly} be personalized. Basically, anything you need to get organized in style with, Thirty-One offers! 
 This past Friday night I held my Launch Party, and I would like to Thank everyone who came out to help me get started!
And if you know me at all, you know how much of a organizational freak I am! So this company is pretty much right up my ally! 
If you want to check it out, here is the link to the site!

And last on my list, the Holiday Season! My favorite time of year has finally arrived! 
I have my decorations up, and now we just have to decorate our tree that we got yesterday! 
Now with Christmas, comes Hermy - our Elf on the Shelf! Emma absolutely LOVES him, and looking for him each morning is quite possibly one of her favorite things to do each day! 

I think I may love him as much as Em does!

Santa DOES love her!

 I am so excited to kick off this Holiday Season, and celebrate it with our newest little addition! Babies first Christmas is always so exciting, don't you agree?!

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