Monday, February 4, 2013


I would love to think that I am Super-Woman. Super-Mom.
But guess what, I'm not! And if you know me at all, even the slightest, you know that I will never claim to be. But who doesn't want to think they are Super in some form or another?!
'Cause you're fooling yourself if you don't....I think it's a part of Human Nature.

So here is my Reality.
The proof is in the puddin' {or the photo's as the case may be}!

A day in the life...  

Who wouldn't want to look at these all day?! 

Chubby Cheekers Love!

How I start my mornings...And my afternoons....Heck, all day!

Add in a little Thirty-One to try and make some extra cash...    

My Girls. This is my day in nutshell

Not all that exciting, huh? But in my Reality, this is the exciting stuff!

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