Friday, March 15, 2013

Happies and Crappies

This seems like a great way to sum up the weeks end - Happies and Crappies!
The good and the bad. The happy and sad.
{I saw this on A Sorta Fairytale, who got it from The Vintage Modern Wife}.


* Our week started off with us getting back our biggest, and best, tax return ever!

* Immediately with over half of that return, we paid off a bunch of lingering debt, and all of our medical bills!! Woohoo! This makes me very happy!

* This week has been pretty relaxed. Since I am getting over a week-long cold, the girls and I have just been hanging out at home. Yay for relaxing and taking it easy!

* Except for earlier this week when my mom, the girls and I made a little day trip out to Lynwood to meander around Hobby Lobby! This was my first time there, and it's pretty awesome, I must say! 

* I bought tickets to see Crystal Bowersox at the Triple Door in Seattle for next month!!! I am so freaking excited! For a couple reasons: concerts are totally my thing, and I love her! 
In fact, I have met her before!! Read all about it HERE

* Haylee got to eat in her highchair for the very first time! She is still pretty small for it, but she's just so stinkin' cute in it! Oh, and she loves her some apples! 

My happy apple eater!


* I think that both girls are fighting the nasty cold I had last week. Haylee has been super cranky, and not napping very well. And she has decided to wake up once during the night. She has not done this for months! But they haven't had any fevers or anything, just lethargic and cranky...blah! 

* I have been trying like heck to sell some stuff online, but no bites. Yet. Hopefully soon enough we can get rid of this extra stuff we don't need anymore, and can get a little extra $$ for it...

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