Tuesday, November 26, 2013


While I am not the first to jump into the coupon pool, 
I now understand how it can become addictive!

About six to nine months ago I decided to become a coupon-er. 
Now I'm not talking Extreme Coupon-ing status or anything, just enough to be able to feed my family and score some awesome deals on gifts, etc...
And let me tell you, when I look at my receipt and see how much I have saved in one shopping trip, it makes all the time I spend finding coupons well worth it!

So far, I have found deals for free food, extra gas rewards, and have become quite found of those Manufacturers coupons they print out for you at check-out! 
I know that this is not a new concept, 
but it sure does make ME feel good to save money for my little family!

And while my shopping trips have now turned into very long, sometimes stressful {because of the kiddos} expeditions, it is again worth it!

My Coupon-ing routine:
  • The day I am planning on shopping, I will plan out what it is I need the most and try my hardest to stick to the plan! 
  • I will then decide which stores I should go to. Depending on if they might have a sale going on that I know of or not.
  • I will then go to my trusty coupon apps {which I will list later} and "clip" the ones that I need. Some you have to print, some you don't.
  • After I find some new coupons, I will go through my previous coupons and organize the ones that I will be using for that particular shopping trip.
  • After I have printed the ones that need printing, I throw those in the mix with the ones from my coupon clutch, then I'm ready to go!

What I use for Coupon-ing:
  •  I organize my printed/clipped coupons in my coupon clutch, courtesy of Thirty-One
        ~ I have the pockets organized by Manufacturer, then by my most shopped stores.
           Then inside each pocket, I have the individual coupons sorted by expiration date 
{oldest to newest}.
Find this product HERE
  • For my printed coupons, I find them on the following apps and websites: 

  • The apps that I use are the following {please note that not all these apps have coupons. Some I use for their amazing deals and steals!}:
Fred Meyer
Cartwheel {by Target}
Hobby Lobby
Amazon Local

  • And a little trick that I have found, is that if you go to a companies Facebook page {i.e. Earth's Best} and 'Like' them, you have the option of receiving coupons from their page! I do this quite often now, as well.

With all of the ways to save these days, it's kind of hard for me to understand why people don't coupon! Actually, I do understand: it is very time consuming. But for me, it ends up to be well worth my time! I hope that you enjoy finding a good deal, just as much as I do! 
And if you have not heard of some of these sites and/or apps, I hope you check them out and realize how easy it is becoming to save money on everyday things!


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  1. I sure do! I have a coupon file too that I organize by store. When I need a few things I will leaf through and take the ones I need. I usually keep the coupons that print out at check out as well as ones that are sent in the mail. Every so often I will go online but that takes more planning. I am getting mike into it too!