Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

There a quit a few things bumbling around in this mind of mine this morning. I suppose I could begin with the thought that today is one of those days where no matter how much coffee I consume, I just won't wake up! My loving husband kept me up all night with his very loud snoring, and Emma just wouldn't stay in her bed. Needless to say, no sleep for me! BLAH. So for today, this is going to be my best friend!

Also on my mind, is snow and Christmas! Our new house is at a higher elevation - 800 ft. Compared to our house in Renton, which was only around 200 ft. So our chances for snow are a lot better! All 3 of us love the snow, so we're pretty happy about that! We are keeping our fingers crossed for a White Christmas! MY favorite Holiday, and time of year!

Also, I have a ton of house and decorating ideas in my head! They are constantly swirling around, and never stopping. I have to get this, I need to get that..yadda, yadda! It is going to take a long time to get things to where we want them, but one little thing at a time! BLAST my impatience! We have figured out that we like Lowe's better than Home Depot. And of course, because Lowe's is further away from us!

And lastly, I am so excited for this Saturday! I am throwing a Baby Shower for my life-long friend Lindsay! I cannot wait to meet her & Reid's little one (sex and name to be determined). I will post more about this next week. I just can't wait...I know it's going to be a good time!



  1. Lindsi, fantastic to see you and your new home yesterday! You seem quite settled and beyond-words happy!! I wish you and the family many, many joyous years in this home you are creating!! The place screams love and comfort!! Job well done! Love, Karen

  2. I'm not sure I've ever been to Lowe's! But I will keep that in mind when I buy a house!
    And I can't wait until Lindsay's shower, too! Although, I'm sick... hoping to be better by Saturday!

  3. See you girls on Sat! It will be fun times for all!