Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New music review!

Within the past two months, a ton of new music has been released! Yay for me! Some of which has included; Kings of Leon, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban (all of which happen to be my top favorites), and Lee DeWyze. Let me take a moment to review, in my own words, all this new music!

Let me begin with Kings of Leon - they released their fifth album last month, titled "Come Around Sundown." If you know their music, you will be able to tell that they are more laid back on this record. A little slower-tempo. But of course, I love it! Perhaps I am biased, considering that they are my favorite band. However, there is NO denying that these attractive men are talented. I have seen them perform twice, and they are better live than recorded! Go figure! If I had to pick a favorite song on this record, it would have to be "Birthday". Go ahead and take a listen - they will not disappoint!

Next up is Taylor Swift - last month she released her third album titled "Speak Now". And my, how I love this girl! She is never afraid to tell it like it is...so brave! I could only wish to have been so talented, and gorgeous, at such a young age. I don't mind that my daughter is love with her music, and asks for it by name! Though I have yet to see her perform live, I would love to if given the opportunity! If I had to pick a fave on this record, it would have to be "Back to December." If you are un-familiar with Taylor, now is a good time to listen a little...

Today, my all time favorite artist, Keith Urban released his eighth record titled "Get Closer". And perhaps I am considered biased on this as well, but it is pretty freakin' good! If you are at all familiar with his work, you will be able to notice that it seems like a few songs are experimental. Like he wanted to try something new...I think it worked. There really isn't a song of his that I don't like! Honestly! I have seem him perform numerous amounts of time, and he as well, is better live than recorded! No joke...if you buy a concert ticket for one of his shows, you WILL get your moneys worth! If I had to pick a fave on this record, it would probably be "You Gonna Fly". Please, please check out this record! It is so good! Not to mention, every song he writes for his wife and family make him that much better. I guess it doesn't hurt that he's GORGEOUS, either! :)

Last but not least, we have your American Idol - Lee DeWyze (otherwise known as Howard's doppelganger). He released his debut album today, titled "Live It Up". This past season of the show I did watch. And I loved both Lee & Crystal. Either way, it was win-win. I love Lee's voice, and his talent. However, I am disappointed with his debut album. I mean, it is okay. But it's not what I was expecting. I kind of figured that he would be a little more rock, and a lot less pop. But that's okay! I will still be a fan. After all, his voice is amazing, and he does look like my husband! :) His covers of "Simple Man", "The Boxer" and "Falling Slowly" were phenomenal...no doubt about that! If I were to pick a fave on this record, it would be "Earth Stood Still". So to end this long post, I will finish by saying that he is definitely worth a listen. Check him out (literally)!


  1. Oh my gosh! So funny! I literally just wrote a post about Taylor and Keith's new albums before checking here first. We are birds of a feather, you and I.
    Let's talk music soon!

  2. You two (you and alissa) are crazy with your obsessions with keith and taylor. ha ha. I do love me some Keith Urban, though.... I will admit.

  3. Linds, my favorite song on the Keith album is #4 I think. Long Hot Summer. Love it! Especially when it's cold out. hehe