Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter Wonderland...Almost!

YAY for SNOW! We woke up to a dusting early yesterday morning, and since then it just won't stop! Not that we mind...Today we woke up to about 2 inches of accumulation, and since then we now have 4 inches! And it keeps coming down pretty heavy! We have our very own, private Winter Wonderland Park! So Emma and I have decided to stay warm & cozy indoors today (well, for the most part)...

Now let's rewind to last night, around 5pm - Em and Howard were hanging out in the family room, and I was cooking dinner. When all of a sudden, I hear this blood curdling scream! I run to family room to find Howard holding Emma with blood running out of her mouth! Apparently she was laying on the recliner with her head on the foot rest, and it flipped close and she took a face-plant on the hardwood floor. She had been snacking on crackers when this happened, so when I got to her crumbs where hanging from mouth, which I thought were her teeth!! FREAKED me out!! We decided to take her to the ER just in case, cause she looked pretty beat up. But on our drive there, we passed an Urgent Care Center in Covington that happened to still be open, so we went there. Luckily, no sutures were needed! They said that has a laceration inside of her nose, and she has split the inside of her upper lip. Poor baby!  :(  But now she gets Popsicles all day! She's pretty happy about that! Howard was joking that she looks like Mike Tyson beat her up! And unfortunately, it's true...
But on a brighter note, I hosted a baby shower this weekend, for one of my best friends Lindsay Roberts! It had quit a good turn out, and the snow held out until the next day!
We played some games, ate food, watched her open gifts, and visited...good times! However, I forgot to bring my camera, so I "stole" this photo from one of my really good friends' blog (thanks Mandy)! ;)
We cannot wait to meet her little one! She is going to be such a GREAT Mommy, I know it!


  1. Poor little Emma! Kids are resiliant...she'll feel better in no time!

  2. I'm so glad Em is okay!! I know exactly how you feel, it is SO terrifying when our babies get hurt, something only another parent who has gone through it can understand until then it is unexplainable! I know she is a popsicle nut so Im sure she loved that part!!!