Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Day Adventures

Emma & I were feeling adventurous this morning, so we decided to put on our snow gear, and head out to Fred Meyer. How adventurous, huh?
Fred Meyer, which is my new Target, is in Covington. A straight shot for us, up Kent-Kangley, which turns into 272nd. Howard went into work this morning, and had said that the roads weren't as bad as he was expecting. And that if we wanted to head anywhere, just be careful. So we did, and we were.
After digging my car out from underneath 7 inches of snow, and prying the doors open, we piled in the car and drove off. I am probably one of those slow snow-drivers that people get irritated with. But I don't care! I have a kid in the car, so go around me!
I love driving down this road on an everyday basis, so to see it with snow for the first time was amazing to me! I had to pull over and take some pretty pictures...

First stop, gas. Em passed out in the car, so that was a nice break for me! ;) All filled up, and off to Fred Meyer. Once there, I promptly made a stop at Tully's, then continued to use up the remaining balance on a gift card I had received (thank you Karen & Arlene!). I want to know why, oh why, do they have to have those annoying carts shaped as cars?! Whoever invented those, clearly does not have children! If they did, they would know that the child will throw a fit unless they can sit in that thing...ARG!
Anyways, we finished with our outing, and it was time to head home. Sweet, glorious, home! The drive, once again, was so pretty! I had to pull over once more and snap some more pretty pictures (how could I resist)!

And finally, home we were. I honestly, really, don't mind driving up to this everyday!


  1. That was my day too, plus work. I was stopping every 50 feet to take a picture!

  2. How gorgeous! We had adventures today, too! Post office, Safeway... a walk outside. And then to Dominos to pick up our dinner!! Love love love the snow... I have no problem driving in it.

  3. fun! I was too scared to leave the house today!

  4. Lindsi,what a great blog. You have such a beautiful family!