Monday, December 27, 2010

Holidays Past & Present

My oh my, how time does fly! I cannot believe that Christmas has already come and gone...another one for the books! It was amazing to be able have Christmas in our new home with our families. However, I could not (can not) help but to think of the two people with whom we should be celebrating with this year: Papa and my Dad.
Christmas always has been, and always will be, my absolute favorite Holiday and time of year! However, for the past seven years, it just hasn't been quite the same. It has been a little tough each year, but gets a little bit better each year as well. After all, Papa was our Santa! And this year, I was hoping to be able to make new Holiday memories & traditions with my Dad...
But on Christmas day I found a little piece of them both literally fall into my lap! I recently found my baby photo album during our move, and choose to take it out and show my Mother-In-Law some pictures. As soon as I opened it up, a list that my Papa had written years ago (regarding our old family cabin) feel into my lap. I of course read it, started laughing and my eyes got a little watery. Then while flipping through the old, weathering pages, there were of course pictures of my Dad and I, when I was a child.
To me, these memories could quite have possibly been the best Christmas gifts that I received!


With that said, and off of my chest, our Christmas was filled with Love and Laughter! Just the way it should be! Emma's favorite gift is her new bicycle from Santa! She has taken to it like a fish in water. For never being on a bike before, she only needed one day to learn! She zooms all over the place, and it seems to be her main source of transportation! 

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