Monday, January 3, 2011

Dog Days Are Over!

To begin with, Happy New Year! Our New Years Eve was full of nothing, and it was nice!

Today is Howard's first day back to work, after a week of "vacation". And by "vacation" I mean house work, yard work, and running errands - for the both of us! It was a busy week full of getting stuff settled in, finished, and looking right. Things are finally starting to come together - still slowly of course.
We were able to purchase and hang the blinds for the bonus/family room. And we purchased our bar stools (which match our dinning room set perfectly)!
Howard and Emma had a Daddy-Daughter day while I stayed behind and cleaned out her toy room and bedroom. The two of them went out and he let Em pick out some new toys with the  Christmas money she received, and she did good - picked out items only on sale I was told! Coincidence? Probably. But I'm still proud! Ha, ha!
While they were out, I was able to get the toy room all organized and set up - FINALLY! And my oh my, was it a project! But it feels good to have it done!
It was so nice to have my Man home with us for a week - what a treat! But today it is back to reality. Now it's time for me to start thinking about Emma's birthday. She will be FOUR YEARS OLD in a mere 11 days!!! *tear*
I will not be throwing a big birthday bash this year like I have for the past 3 years (for obvious financial reasons), but I will find something special for us to do that day! Plus, she gets to have a birthday party at school that week, so that's enough planning for me!
With the Holidays complete, and the New Year beginning, hopefully things will start to slow down a little bit...but we'll see! 

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