Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reason for the Season

This is very out of character for me to write about something like this, but I have noticed more each year that people take the 'Christ' out of Christmas. I cannot figure out why, and it seems to be getting worse. I do not consider myself to be a (very) religious person, but this has always bothered me. Even as a kid, it annoyed me! Perhaps it comes from my background as a child, and the way I was raised. Who knows! But all I do know, is that I believe that to take the literal meaning of the Holiday, out of the very word, is lazy! And down right disrespectful in my book!

As a kid, I went to church every Sunday, went to Sunday school, got baptised, and went through Confirmation as a teenager. But the older I have become, the less I attend church...However, when it comes to Christmas, I have strong beliefs about the Holiday. I have always refused to write 'X-mas' (until this very moment!) because honestly, I find it offensive. I mean, writing an X instead of 5 simple letters, says a lot to me.
For those of us who celebrate this Holiday, I wish we could come together and remember what is it all about. It is not about receiving presents. It is about giving. And sharing, and loving one another for who we truly are. Whether we believe in each others lifestyles or not.
As cliche as this may sound to some, I honestly do wish that we (as a society) could put aside our differences and just LOVE. Without prejudice. Without judgement.
Now I know that this will never happen. I am not naive. But it doesn't mean that I cannot continue trying to believe that this could someday happen.
So all I am trying to say, is that Christmas is about just that. Christ. And what he believed could be done. If someone can give me a good reason why I should stop believing that this can be done, please do not tell me! I don't want to know!


  1. Very well said my dear. I have only, in the last 5 years, really began to understand the TRUE meaning of Christmas. I mean, we all "know" as a kid growing up... I mean.. listen to all of the Christmas songs! They all talk about Christ and our Savior. But as I've matured, I can't help but be grateful for this time of year. We all need a reminder. To celebrate the birth of Christ, his life, and everything he went through so that we can all be forgiven, and saved. I know this sounds totally preachy.. I don't mean it to. But you really inspired me to speak up about this as well.
    I think it's so sad when people get so wrapped up in the lights, candy, decorations, gifts...etc -- that they don't even celebrate the Christ in Christmas. I suppose the holiday means something different to everyone... but without Christ, there would be no Christmas. So.. it makes sense to celebrate our Savior, too. :)

  2. I'm not going to say that I agree with everything you said but I respect your opinion and understand your feelings. :)

  3. I don't mean for this to be 'preachy' either...I'm not that like that. This is meant to be more about me, than trying to tell people what to think, etc...I sure hope it doesn't come across the wrong way...

  4. You can write about what you would like Linds, especially if it's really important to you. I think you are right in many ways, but I DO think that many people, whether they subscribe to the Christ part of Christmas or not, do tend to be more giving during the holidays. I see it often...people going out of their way to help another person. People may be forgetting a bit about the origins of Christmas, which is sad, but I think there is a lot of love and charity that goes around during the month of December.

    Good post.

  5. You can write about whatever you want silly girl, its your blog! You truly are the sweetest person on earth...and I love you!

  6. Thanks for posting this! You are right on with all of it! so many people worry that they dont have enough presents under the tree for their kids ( I dont mean the people who really cannot afford it), or they didnt spend enough money on one person or another based on an "expected $ spent" and their kids just think it is a holiday for gifts and santa....
    More kids recognize a photo of santa these days,than a photo of Christ on the cross.... It is really sad.