Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Imparare l'italiano

Lately I feel like I need to take something on. Something that makes my brain feel alive again. Recently I have read the book, and seen the movie "Eat. Pray. Love." And it has me feeling inspired!
What Liz does in the book, is something that I would love to do! Who am I kidding, I would die to do that! But since I cannot drop everything and spend a year of travel trying to find myself (for many reasons), I have decided that I am going to look into taking Italian lessons.
Yes, I have always loved the French & Italian languages. I took French in high school, and was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go to Madrid and Paris in the year 2000.

If I were to go now, I know without a shadow of a doubt, that I would appreciate it more. What with being older and all. 
Traveling to France & Italy have always been on my "bucket list", and I am incredibly grateful and thankful to be able to say that I can cross France off of my list! How many people can actually say that?! THANK YOU MOM! And since traveling to Italy doesn't seem like a reality at the moment, I don't see any reason why I cannot learn to speak one of my favorite languages! Now try to imagine how beautiful the words are. How delicious the food would be. How incredible the views. And the history there! Hopefully some day...

I had my mom watch the movie with me, and we both have decided to do this together. We're looking forward to it, and can't wait to get started!

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  1. Awesome!!! Its going to be fun learning it with your momma! Maybe when our kids are older we can go on a couples trip :)