Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Resolutions & A New Addiction

Every January, you hear people buzzing about what sort of resolutions they need to make. Or about what sort of things they want to accomplish. But for me, I seem to change my goals (or resolutions) quite often. I am always finding something to improve on. Every day brings new challenges, so why not face them head on? That is why I do not make resolutions! Now don't get me wrong, resolutions are great if you stick to them! I just know they're not for me.
I could be like everyone else and say that I am going to loose weight, go to the gym everyday, and get in shape. But that's not me! I HATE going to the gym, and do not see the point in forcing yourself to do something you cannot stand to do. Life is too short!
So instead of making un-realistic goals and resolutions, I choose to not make any at all!
Because, for me, I will only be setting myself up for disappointment, failure and guilt. And I don't know about you, but I have enough of those in my every day life as a Mother!
So this year, my major self-improvement, is to be a better parent. To be more patient. To be more understanding, and to be a better teacher. For those of you who know me well, know that these things do not come easy for me! But then again, do they for anyone?
Now to some, this self-improvement may sound quite cliche. But for me, it is the thing that is most important!

Now on to my new addiction; Simply put - 'LOST'. I am seriously hooked! Sad? Perhaps. But I don't care! It is my new escape from reality. Since my other shows were on hiatus for the Holidays, I decided to check this one out from the beginning, and can't seem to get enough!

Especially of the main character, Jack. A.K.A. Matthew Fox. And WOW! I sure don't remember him being this...Foxy in 'Party of Five'! Let's just say...he sure doesn't hurt the eyes!
Also, is it possible that Kate (A.K.A. Evangeline Lilly) could get any prettier?! This woman is gorgeous (Yes, I will admit when I see a gorgeous woman)!

So there you have it - resolutions and my new addiction! 


  1. I usually don't stick with them either. But I have fun thinking about them and really making myself guilty is the only way I ever get anything done. I'm sure your bebe will really appreciate this years though. It's a good one.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I made the same goal not a resolution but a goal. Sometimes it is so difficult being patient especially being stay at home moms of Emma and Hannah lol. They are two that can REALLY test your patients. I think that it is something that comes with time. I know that I am A LOT more patient then I was before I had kids and every day I build a up a little more. I guess when I come you'll get me addicted to another show ha ha! Love you!

  3. My resolutions don't really last a full year, but I have to at least use the new year as a jumping off point to improving myself. I definately didn't resolve to go the the gym, because I hate it also. Food restrictions...I can do. Most of the time.
    And I will see you tomorrow to hand over season 4 of LOST.

  4. Hey I'm with you, I don't make New Years Resolutions. I never have. Why wait until New Years to set goals? I'm the kind of person that likes to face things head on, and set goals all of the time. Just like you :)

    Oh and Lost.... yah I was addicted to that show too! I watched all 6 seasons. Then re-watched them. And Matthew Fox... Ooo la la. He's so good looking!