Thursday, January 27, 2011

Well Visit

Em had her four year well visit yesterday - it was slightly rough! She did great at first:: she had her first eye sight test, and hearing test which she passed with flying colors - her eyesight is 20/40, which apparently is perfect for her age. I am so glad she doesn't have my bad ears and eyes! Ha, ha!
And for all of those people who are continuously commenting on how "petite" my daughter is, you are correct! She is in the 25% for her height and weight...weight coming in at only 30.6 lbs! I swear I make her eat! It was a breath of fresh air to have her Doc tell me that he's not worried about it at all, and that she's perfectly proportioned!
But on the other hand, when they had to prick her little finger for an iron test, she flipped out! And that test turned out not so good. :(  I guess they measure iron on a scale from 1-12. Em is only at 9.7, which is not good. In other words, we have to give her multi-vitamins with iron in them, and make her eat iron rich foods. Wish us luck with that!
Those foods include:: broccoli, liver, raisins, spinach, beets, Lima beans, soybeans, and everything else that kids (and most adults including myself) hate to eat! Any number below a 10, they make us bring her back in 3 months to get her blood checked again, and hopefully her numbers go up. If not, then they will run more tests...I will do everything in my power to NOT let that happen!
So after this, they had to proceed to give her FOUR vaccines! At least they said that she won't need anymore until about 12, thank goodness! Of course, since she needs these to stay in school, I tried to explain that to her, but that did not help. As the nurse held down her legs, I had to pin her down from the waist up while she screamed bloody murder! She was crying, and so was I. I thought that watching your child get shots would get easier the older they get. Well I was wrong! It is harder! They know what is coming, they know how it will feel, etc...not to mention, NO ONE can fool my kid! She knows better then to fall for a bribe! 
Needless to say, after this traumatic appointment I took her to Target and let her pick something out. She chose a pair of princess dress-up shoes, which she will NOT take off!
And by the way, for those of you parents who are curious, I asked, and was told that you cannot switch them into a booster seat until they are 40 lbs.
Looks like Em will be in hers for awhile still!


  1. That all sounds traumatic! Poor thing! I hate getting shots, too. So I can only imagine how much it SUCKS when you're 4 y/o. It sucks for Bennett, too, but at least at only One--he doesn't know what's coming so he doesn't cry till afterward.

  2. Oh my gosh, tears filled me eyes reading this. Poor Em! I remember how much you cried when we got their ears pierced, I couldnt imagine you having to hold her down while she screamed! Poor Momma! At least it is done for LONG time!

  3. Well at least she is reasonably healthy.
    It seems her appointment went fairly well considering.
    Hope she is feeling better!