Friday, February 11, 2011


While we were house hunting, I got hooked onto HGTV. Watching all these people house hunt themselves, decorate and re-decorate, remodel, move, paint, etc...It is all so inspiring to me. In fact, I have two amazingly talented friends who have gotten into making their own stuff lately, and it is quite impressive! They even made me some homemade shelves and frames as a housewarming gift (Thanks Jodi & Malia)!
Oh how I wish I was more a of DIY Diva! But the reality is, it is just not for me. Not only do I not possess the patience this would require, but nor do I possess the talent! I guess more than anything, it all comes down to the drive to want to it. And that, I suppose, is what I'm lacking...
I have been told that it is a much cheaper alternative and a great outlet...but I am unfortunately the kind of girl who just wants it done. That is where my impatience kicks in! I'm know my hubby wouldn't mind if I were a little more like Rosie the Riveter::

But then again, neither would I!


  1. So glad you like the frames and shelves!
    I still need to make you that ladder shelf weve been talking about for how many months now?
    Have a happy friday!

  2. Oh and if anyone else who reads this like the DIY stuff, you must check out