Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Pursuit

In my quest to become a photographer and a more interesting blogger, I find the need to ask myself this:: What can I talk about, write about (or should I say type about) that will make people want to read what I have to say? Because frankly, most topics that ramble through my brain are not all that interesting. And it seems as though most people feel the same way! 

I surf other blogs to see what is being mentioned. I check out websites for ideas. And so far, what I have found, does not seem to be very different from what I choose to mention. So...I am trying to figure out what will make other people want to read my thoughts. If you have any ideas, questions, or topics that YOU would like to read about, please comment below! At this point, I am open for suggestions!

Once I have my camera up and running, I'm sure this will turn into more of a "photo blog". But until then, I am drawing a blank. Lately I have been thinking about switching over to more of a "discussion blog" (picking one topic per week to talk about, chosen by the readers). But I would first need a popular blog, and lots of people to comment to make that happen. Because honestly, I have a ton of things I could write about! But would you honestly be interested? Would you really read them, or care about what I have to say?
That's where this post comes into play:: PLEASE help a fellow blogger out! I am trying my best to keep us all coming back for more! Thanks!


  1. I LOVE reading what you have to say.... I am not creative in the bloggin way, but I really enjoy reading blogs! I have an idea.... take it with a grain of salt.... What if you did a theme for each day (depending on how many days a week you want to blog) like Monday: Music Tuesday: topic discussion Wed: your fav photos of the week Thurs:funny things Emma did in the past week/parenting struggles Friday:whatever you feel like....
    Again, take it with a grain of salt, but its my 2 cents!

  2. Hey, I read what you think and say!! I will always come back! And here is my advise, write for yourself - and if your readership grows, than awesome! But the thing I've found to be the absolute best thing about having a blog is that it is MINE. I can do I want with it. You should, too!... no matter where it takes you :)

  3. I've been reading also! I, too, don't have a "popular" blog, but hey, I still blog. I just like going back and reading about what I've written in the past and if I get a new follower, lovely!

    I say, even if you aren't the best photographer (I am not, hence the mentoring session) put up photos. Everyone likes photos. :)

  4. Like others have said - write about what YOU want. Don't worry much about what other people want to read.

    Some ideas: Pick certain days of the week for themes. Like Monday is blogging about your feelings about something or someone. Wednesdays are for telling people about a new recipe you tried. Fridays are for talking about a dream you had that week....etc.
    It might help you get started.

  5. I blog for my own memories... there is even a place where you can print your blog out like a photo book... if any one else reads, great... if not oh well :) Keep on keepin on mama! <3