Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thinking Happy Thoughts!

First of all, I want to Thank everyone who commented and gave me their thoughts and opinions (it's mean a lot)! I have decided:: not to change a thing, and to continue to do what I've been doing - blogging for ME, MYSELF & I!
As I sit here drinking my cup of Half-Caf coffee, watching the snow fall down around me, and listening to music, I cannot help but to smile! My life is pretty damn good right now! My new beautiful home, my gorgeous daughter, my loving husband, family & friends, and finally finding my "niche" in life, has all added up to a great new year, with great new beginnings!

While I should totally be cleaning my house right now, I am choosing to sit here and type out my HAPPY thoughts instead! I am choosing (right now) to not dwell on the negativity surrounding me, and focus on the GOOD! After all, there is so much more of that going around anyways!

We have been adding small details around our home, such as:: new light fixtures outside, and we have started purchasing the fixtures for indoors as well. Two at a time is how we roll! I found the chandelier for the dinning room I want, finally! Now just to purchase...
Em's room got painted today, pretty in pink! Needless to say, things continue to piece together slowly, and we're loving it more and more!
We couldn't be happier with our home, and our decision to live out here! Although, we have had quite a few people mention that it's "too far" to drive to visit...Really?!! Well, it's a good thing we do things for ourselves and not for others!
As I am typing this, our backyard bunnies came hopping out from under our shed! They are the biggest, fluffiest rabbits I have ever seen! A beautiful caramel colored one, and his buddy who is black and white. We just went out to give them carrots, and they came right up to us!! Once I get some pictures I will post them...
We have also befriended the local neighborhood kitty. I believe it is a she. Emma has named her Mittens (as in Mittens from the movie 'Bolt'). We have fed her and she lets us pet cute! Howard has also seen a herd of Elk about a mile or so down the road from us! Oh how we LOVE nature! I can't wait to start snapping pictures!!


  1. Lovely. I am glad you are still just blogging what YOU want to blog about.

    Also, I can see the appeal in living in the boons. Hopefully when we find our 1st home purchase, we'll be as happy with it as you are. I need to see your place in the daylight!

  2. So happy that you guys are happy!

  3. Lindsi, I'm so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. I'm also extremely happy that we live so close to each other, so we can see each other so often ~ Yay!! Keep on keepin' on. I can't wait to see the recent home improvements/changes. Woo Hoo!! Kathy xoxoxo