Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bright Idea!

I am sitting here perusing other blogs, feeling inspired and somewhat creative. So I came up with an idea! Actually, I found a blog titled The Flowerchild Dwelling and it gave me an idea! I have been wanting to do something like this for awhile, and after browsing this blogs posts, I figured I could do it too! Why not? Everyone has such different tastes and styles, that I am sure there might be a little something for everyone!

Starting next week I am going to make a theme out of my Monday and Friday posts ~ Music Monday and Photo Friday. I will start and end my weeks writing about my two passions!

Music Mondays will include {a new song, artist, video, lyrics, etc...} anything of the sort related to music. And on Photo Fridays I will post a favorite photo from that week. Whether it being one that I took, or one that I found and fell in love with!
At least this way I can share two of my favorite things {and findings of them} with you!

*Keep an eye out for next weeks posts*


  1. No. Freaking. Way. I was going to start a Music Monday next week. Holy Moly, after all these years, we still live in each other's heads.

    Well, I'm excited to see your music and pics!

  2. Good idea! I want to do a special day too! Maybe weiner wednesdays? I could feature different hot dogs....? no? maybe that wouldnt go over so well...

  3. I just realized I never responded to your super sweet comment!
    Ahhh- I've been such a bad Blogger.

    The more I look at your Blog and follow your posts, I see we could for sure be after each OTHERS hearts! You're an amazing girl. I follow proudly :]