Friday, March 11, 2011

What's in YOUR medicine cabinet?

{Please excuse the terrible picture quality:: I have not yet recieved my new camera}
Alissa, from a Long Time Coming, came up with this idea to show off what's in your medicine cabinet. I wasn't quite sure if I should join in at first, but I quickly realized how fitting it really is for today!

This week I have found the downfall to Preschool - getting sick! Blah! Bless all those adorable little children and all their not-so-precious germs! So I figured it was only appropriate, after all. And come on, admit it! Who hasn't taken a sneak peek into someone else's medicine cabinet?! I know I have! So here ya go {well, we don't technically have a medicine cabinet, it's more of a linen/medicine closet}::

First things first ~ medicine. In our home, Daytime/Nightime meds are a must! So is Benedryl, to help with my sometimes-horrible allergies, and those sleepless nights.
And now that Em is old enough to take actual children's cold/cough meds, we always have that on hand too.
{Que Preschool germs!}

And you can't forget our daily vitamins! My child, being the picky eater that she is, is iron deficient. So she has to take vitamins with extra iron. And me, since I have such a bad gag reflex, I have to take the gummy vitamins. Go ahead and laugh! But it makes me feel like a kid again!

Next, you've got your everyday toiletries {which I don't feel the need to go into great detail over, mainly because I do not use anything fancy like everyone else!}  - deodorant, toothpaste, makeup, contact solution and shampoo. Since I can no longer afford the nice, salon quality shampoos, lately I have been struggling with trying to find the perfect OTC brand! And I have yet to find it - you see, I was cursed with genetically thin and limp hair. I hate it, but what can I do?! So I try my hardest to work with it. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know!

And you can't forget about hand soaps and lotions! And yes, my daughter even has her very own lotion & soap stash!

 I love the Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy line. They are slightly classier looking than a regular plastic soap dispenser. AND they smell amazing!
Main Bathroom

Our Bathroom

Lastly, you've got the perfumes. My two favorite perfumes are::
 Vera Wang's 'Princess', and Gwen Stefani's 'L.A.M.B.'

I hope you enjoyed your "tour"! HAPPY FRIDAY!


  1. I have majorly limp hair too, and cheap brands like garnier fructis and herbal esscense seem to work best for me. Although I'm so cheap I'm using TJ's spa brand and it works too!

    So organized, I'd be scared to show my closet.

  2. I love Vera Wang Princess! I have wanted it for a while, but my cheap ass refuses to pay for it. Hehe.

  3. i wear lamb too! your closet is so well organized!