Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Things That Make You Go Hmm...

I have noticed a trend. With so many bloggers lately, no one seems to be able to keep up with their posts. Me included! Everyone seems to be starting out their posts with mentioning their absence, or lack of blogging.
Most of the blogs I follow are from out of state, and some in other countries...but for me personally, could it be this weather?
I mean COME ON! Is it too much to ask that Washington state {at least the Western half} get a few rays of sunshine? The weather has never seemed to effect me as much as it has this past year. The rain, the snow, the wind, the HAIL! I am beginning to think that it may never stop? 
I am a true Washingtonian who has always embraced our weather. Crappy or not! After all, we DO live in a rain forest! But the lack of vitamin D has me feeling less and less inspired on a daily basis. 
If only my family was the type who could go on vacation to a faraway sunny place whenever we wanted! At the drop of a hat, on a whim! Oh how NICE that would be! But since we are not, I get giddy over the smallest glimpse of sun. When I see a ray shining through the trees, I smile. I suddenly get a bunch of ideas running through my head again, and I want to utilize every second of it! But lately, by the time I make it out the door, it is gone. 

My Backyard on a good day!

So I ask my fellow bloggers this:: Do you have any ideas on how I can utilize this overcast, dreary, rainy, damp and cloudy weather? If so, PLEASE share! I think I may have used up all of my ideas! 
Here's keeping my fingers crossed for SUNNY weather!


  1. oh my love, you hit the nail on the head!!! we are here north of Seattle and this weather has been ugly!!!

    your pictures are gorgeous of your backyard...just lovely. I too, am keeping the fingers and TOES crossed for some sunshine soon!!!

  2. Wow, gorgeous pic! I don't know how to utilize the weather though. I usually just hole up with a book and a fire. Although, I've heard overcast skies are the best for taking pictures!

  3. We always want what we cannot have right? Lol, truly sometimes I miss the dark and dreary days here. Ahhh...I love looking at your peaceful and quite!

  4. your yard looks like so much fun! I would have loved it as a kid. I think I am the opposite of everyone right now, Im posting on a daily basis!! lol

  5. Oh that glimpse of sun makes me happy!!! I'm looking outside right now and partly BLUE SKIES! I feel like it's rejuvenated me, even if only for a day. And, I'm sorry to say - I don't have any suggestion on how to utilize the ick weather. If you figure it out, please, tell me!