Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sun Shine In!

So as most of you have noticed, Blogger had a glitch this past week. I wrote two posts, both of which got erased. But it's all good! You wanna know why? Because last night I got to hang with some of my favorite ladies! We chatted over wine and yummy-sugary homemade goodies, provided by them! Did I mention that THEY came to my place?! Well they did, and I am so grateful to have some friends that actually enjoy visiting my home! Most people I know will not drive out to the woods to visit us, so when we get visitors who are willing to show up on their own accord, I am THRILLED! 

Also, my Mama has offered oh-so-graciously to take the Girl for us overnight tonight, so that me and the Hubs can go out to a NICE dinner {which we have not done in over a year} by OURSELVES! And it gets Mama gave us some gift cards for dinner, as a birthday present for the Hubs! SWEETNESS. All the way.

AND...tomorrow I am doing my very first Senior Photos Shoot! I am so excited! Oh yeah, the SUN has made an appearance for the past two days as well! Overall, a FABULOUS weekend is in the works!! 

I hope your weekend is SUNNY & FAB as well! 


  1. Heather SweetMay 14, 2011

    Hannah and I would like to be guests at your house!

  2. Thanks for having us! It was really fun! We need to get together more often and eat more sugar...maybe not the sugar, I had a sugar hangover this morning.

  3. how awesome to have dinner alone with the hubs and friends who bring goodies and wine?? well now you are talkin'!!! :)

  4. Hey! you have a lovely blog :)

  5. How sweet of your mom! Enjoy every minute of it - you deserve it! So nice of her to take time for babysitting AND to give you some gift cards!

  6. Sounds like a fabulous time. I hope you guys used your time wisely, like making another baby ;) Just kidding, hope dinner was good!