Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sunny Day Feelings!

To start with, I want to say how HAPPY it made me feel to wake up to the SUN shining through my window! What a great start to the day!

Lately I have been reading some pretty inspirational stuff - books, quotes and posts. And I must say, they are helping! The words that I have been reading have put me in a whole different mind set..."I CAN DO THIS!" "EVERYBODY HAS TO START SOMEWHERE!" "IF THEY CAN DO IT, SO CAN I!" And I am feeling that I can! With a lot of things...

Although I am the type of person who wants "instant gratification", and the goal {whatever it may be} to be reached, accomplished and finished RIGHT NOW! I know that this is not reality, and I am fully aware that I must work my booty off to get what I want!
No one else will do it for me, or rarely help me, for that matter. But that's OK. That just means by the time I reach my goals - all of them - I will appreciate them THAT MUCH MORE! After all, that is what I was taught, and what I have always done. I just hope my kiddo learns the same lesson!

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