Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Unanswered Questions

This past week has presented to be quit difficult for a lot of people in my life.
{...deep breath...}
The first of many unfortunate events took place on Monday - my husband's grandpa's passing. We all took this very hard. He was a much loved man, who in many ways, reminded me of my own Papa. He was such a sweetheart. He had a truly kind soul, and a heart filled with love. We are all going to miss him deeply.
Then on Thursday I received a call from a very good friend of mine. She informed me that her and her husband had lost their precious twin babies at 20 weeks. The pain that they are feeling is unfathomable to me. I want to help them however I can, but for something like this, there is unfortunately not much I can do. Except for what I have been doing - being a friend, and being there if {and when} they might need me. My heart has broken for them, and the pieces left behind ache for them. 

Then that same night, I found out about two other people I know who had miscarriages that same week. And recently I found out that another friend of mine lost her job last week, and a friend of hers passed away. Not to mention, yet another close friend of mine had her best friends brother pass on. Seriously?

I understand that things happen for a reason, but this many? All at once? Sometimes I feel like these people being associated with me may have a cause in this - silly, I know. But what are the chances of all of these things happening, at the same time, to people that I care for and love? 
I for one, am exhausted for watching bad things happen to the best of people. Why do the good people need to suffer? And why with this amount of pain? 

I know that there are no answers for the questions that I have, but the only explanation that I can come up with is this: It is not fair. As childish as that may sound, it is simply the truth. 
 ...In time...


  1. You're right. It isn't fair. I have been witnessing so many people suffering losses. It seems unreal. I think I have come to accept that those answers we are all seeking will never be clear to us in this life. As frustrating as it is, I am confident that the bigger picture will be made clear to me eventually... even if only in Heaven.

    I love that quote, too.

  2. As you both said, it's not fair. It's hard to watch the people you love suffer, and it's hard to lose people you love. I'm sorry you have been having a difficult time also. We are here for you, just as you are here for us.

    That quote is perfect. I will try to remember it.

    On the plus side, being an unemployed bum means I now have a lot of free time during the day. If you'd like to get together, let me know.

  3. I will never understand it either. That's why just continue to lend our support and sadly march on. But now that I'm older, I always make sure to acknowledge it because it hurts them more to ingnore it.