Saturday, October 8, 2011

Inspirational Photography: Day 1, 1960's

I found this idea on a blog that I follow, entitled 'Simplicity - my life in mostly photographs'. She is doing a whole month of this, but I figure I will do one week. She is posting different themes of photography for inspiration. I feel as if I need to do so {again} myself, so for the next week I will be posting different themes with inspirational photos for each one. I hope you find some creativity in them as much as I do!

For Day 1, I have chosen the 1960's. Since it is my absolute favorite era, from everything including fashion, to music, to art, to the culture and history. You name it, I am in love with it! Here you go, my interpretation of inspirational photographs from the most fascinating of eras:

Marilyn Monroe
1960's model Twiggy

Andy Warhol
Twiggy, again
Life Magazine cover

Essential Woodstock photograph

All images found HERE!

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