Friday, October 7, 2011


1 : the act of accepting something or someone
acceptance of a gift acceptance of the truth acceptance of responsibility.

I have recently come to the realization that this is my new Life Lesson. As most of you know, I am a true believer of all things happening for a reason. And some current life issues have arisen, which have once again lead me to this belief. 

Now with these recent occurrences, I have yet again learned my lesson. See the above definition...There are things in my life which I need to accept. Certain truths and inalienable facts that I must come to terms with. 

With this being said, let it begin! My new Life Lesson of Acceptance!
Not the acceptance of others, because that I have already learned. This lesson is about accepting myself. In every single, nit-gritty, aspect. Down to my bones, and the core of who I am. Essentially finding myself, yet again. One could even argue that I am, in a way, trying to find a new version of Me. The better, more accepting {of myself}, version of me!


  1. Wonderful! Accepting yourself the way you are is extremely hard, and takes work throughout your life. I'm glad to hear it's something you are working on.

  2. Well said. Learning to accept ourselves, and circumstances that involve us is quite possibly one of the hardest lessons to learn! You are on your way, though.

  3. Amen and good for you! Go for it and be happy!