Wednesday, November 16, 2011


As most of you know, I have been blabbing on & on about the fabulous time I had on Monday night! And for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, let me explain...

This past Monday night I went to a show with my mom. Yes, my mom! She and I have the same {great!} taste in music, and we truly appreciate that art that comes along with it. So yes, my mom and I went together! We saw The Civil Wars, with opening act Milo Greene. Both of which were absolutely incredibly amazing! In fact, those adjectives are quit the understatement! I know that you have heard me spew about how great The Civil Wars are, in previous posts, but to truly understand their level of talent, one must see for themselves! Not to mention, Mr. White {the leading man} is not hard on the fact, I believe he holds a slight resemblance to my all time favorite, Mr. Johnny Depp!

The Civil Wars

Milo Greene
 But before I get ahead of myself, let me begin by saying that the planets were definitely in alignment for us that night! We had no traffic getting there, found a great parking spot right next to the theater, then got in fairly quickly and proceeded to snag some pretty incredible seats up on the mezzanine level! The venue was awesome, in itself! It was The Neptune Theater, which used to be an old movie theater back in the early 1900's. It has {very} recently been remodeled into a concert venue. Very cool, and totally my style! In fact, I cannot figure out why I have never been there before...Shame on me!
{Not The Civil Wars...}
 The opening act, Milo Greene, is an up-and-coming band from L.A. And OH-MY-GAWD, are they impressive! They started out with a tribal beat, which automatically caught my attention, and kept me moving in my seat! Song after song was so good, I never lost interest. Check out this performance from Monday night, and I promise you won't be disappointed:
{Milo Greene, '1957'}

Then came the main course: The Civil Wars. I could literally go on and on about them, but I won't bore you with my opinions. In fact, I think you should come up with your own! Watch these following videos from their performance Monday, and you will see for yourself! That day just happened to be Joy Williams' birthday {the leading lady}, so us {the audience} sang her Happy Birthday, which is something I had never done before at a concert. She is so graceful with her movements and her voice. And John Paul White {the leading man} can seriously belt it out! They have such a chemistry on stage, that is so alluring. It hypnotizes you. And before you know it, a song has ended, and they are joking with each other like brother and sister. This description probably sounds like every other band/duo you have seen live, right? Well I disagree1 They have a sultry, melancholy sound and feel. But you can't help but to smile and give a standing ovation at the end! So without further adieu, here are two videos from Monday that I truly believe you NEED to witness! 
{The Civil Wars, 'Falling'}

{The Civil Wars, 'Dance Me To The End of Love'}


  1. I love that you went with your mom, you are so blessed to have her and she to have you. Love the music!

  2. LOVE! Sounds like a great night. I've actually heard Milo Greene before, I love their sound.

  3. I'm going to have to punch them in to Pandora. I've never heard of either of them. That's what happends when you lose the band member boyfriend ;)