Saturday, November 12, 2011

Toy Story on Ice!

Last night was so much fun! 
It is times like this, that remind why I love being a parent!

Neither Emma or I had ever been to a Disney on Ice event before, and it was definitely well worth the money! We went with some 'alumni' if you will, of this Disney on Ice thing, and they had told me how much fun it is...they were right! A few months ago, Alyssa & Cody's parents {Em's best friends from school, also with whom we will be going to Disneyland with} and I decided we should all go together, and we are glad we did!

We started the night off by meeting our friends for dinner at the Ram in Kent Station. Since the show was at the ShoWare Center, we decided to walk across and get some dinner before hand...

Then we headed back and let the kiddos take their photo together with Buzz & Woody!

Meet the Three Amigos!

 Then from there, we just HAD to purchase some extremely over-priced cotton candy {which came with a styrofoam alien hat}...

 And an over-priced lemonade {which came with a reusable water bottle}! Cue the SUGAR OVERLOAD! But what is a night of fun without sugar, right?!!!

We then headed to our seats, which were really good! Six rows from the ice! The show starts, and my daughter LIGHTS UP! I have never seen her so incredibly excited! In fact, I must confess that seeing her like that got me a little choked eyes may have watered up a little...!

Then comes intermission - which is when she saw this - 
  Which does this -
And just had to have it! She is such a little Tom Boy at times, and I love it! By the time the show had ended, she was a little upset. She didn't want it to end! I am thinking that we may have to buck up and do this every year! It's a BLAST! 

Em and her 'Boyfriend'

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  1. So cute. She can't tear her eyes away from the ice! My parents took my nephew...he loved the soliders and also got an overprices book and buzz ;)