Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"The Angel Tree List"

There are times in life, when you realize how truly precious the people in your life really are. And at this moment in time, some of those people include my friends Michael and Alissa S. 
A few months ago, they suffered a tremendous loss. 
And since then, they have shown more courage and strength than I think I could ever muster. Not to mention how incredibly self less they have been with this::
They have donated 40 trees to the Arbor Day Foundation, all to grow side-by-side each other. Each tree in remembrance for a families loss of a baby. 
And one of those trees is for us. 
I cannot begin to describe my feelings for such an amazing act of kindness. We will be forever grateful, and thankful, for their friendships. Below you will find a picture describing the 'Act' itself. Also, I am posting the link to her post about their donation. Please read it. It is heartfelt, and means so much.

 "The Angel Tree List" by A Long Time Coming

Thank you Mike and Alissa. We are so blessed, and fortunate, to have friends like you! LOVE & HUGS!


  1. I love that you shared this Lindsi, but wish it wasn't because you also had to be among the names on the list.

  2. We aren't happy you ended up on this list, but we are thankful that our kids are together. Thank you for your kind post and for your friendship.