Friday, June 14, 2013

Earliest Childhood Memory...

Day four of the blog challenge is entitled 'My Earliest Childhood Memory'.
Honestly, this is tough for me...I have a ton of childhood memories.  Who doesn't?!
But which one is the earliest? 

Well, I remember a lot of stuff from elementary school, like my teachers and class mates. And early Christmases where my Papa would dress up as Santa Claus, and I would sit on his lap and open presents. 
I remember playing outside and building forts in the bushes! I would climb trees, ride my bike everywhere, and take my helmet off as soon as I went around the corner because I didn't think it was "cool" - SO NOT COOL! I also remember watching Saturday Morning cartoons, because they were such a treat! I remember the fashions and the trends, the most popular music, and walking to school by myself! My how times have changed!

I remember walking around my grandparents neighborhood knocking door-to-door to see if they had kids I could play with, and sure enough! I made quite a few memorable friends! My absolute oldest, and one of my dearest friends I met this way! There were some boys across the street who I became quick friends with, and a funny story: they convinced me to sell jolly rancher candies at school to make a profit...I totally did! HA!

I remember making up games with friends, and thinking that the future was so far away I that I never thought it would actually come...little did I know!

Those were some of the best days...playing with the neighborhood kids, sleeping over, being downright silly. I miss that. Being a kid. There was no stress. Just laughter, fun and friends! Ah, the good ol' days...

I also remember getting my first pet. A cat my Mom named Quest, because it was apparently a quest to find her, but whom I had name simply: Kitty. Which turned into Kitty-Witty. She was The. Best. Cat. Ever! No joke! She lived for 15 long years, and passed away when I was in high school.

I remember when each of my cousins were born, since I am the oldest of the grandchildren.
I remember spending a lot of summers at our families cabin, which was always one of my favorite places! 

Over all, like I said, there are a lot of memories! However, I really don't think that I could choose just one to ever write about!

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